‍👀Choosing the best eyeliner in 2020


Arrows on the eyes have always been fashionable. Now they are at the next peak of their popularity. Various types are in fashion: classic, in the style of the 60s, 90s, creative, neon.

With their help, you can give your eyes an expressive form, a veil of mystery, some kind of zest, individuality, sexuality. The main thing is to choose the best eyeliner.

Using arrows of different types, you can modify your image, changing the shape of the eyes, making the cut more expressive: it can be enlarged or reduced, made oblique or almond-shaped. Plus, they also visually add density and volume to the eyelashes.

But not everyone uses them when shaping their eyes. this requires artistic skill, perseverance, patience, concentration, a little more time than using a pencil or shadows.

To simplify this lesson as much as possible, to make it enjoyable and creatively exciting, the editorial staff of the site "Ya Nashla" offers you an overview of the best eyeliners in 2020. Having picked up a comfortable and high-quality decorative eyeliner, you will draw arrows one or two times. And how to do this, we will consider further.

Feature overview: what color to choose

The universal eyeliner is a detachable bottle-tube with an applicator in the form of a brush.

They differ in price, color, consistency, brand-manufacturer, form of packaging, type of brush.

Black paint is common because suitable for almost any time of the day, for any look, any eye color. It is versatile.

There are various color options.

  • By style

For daytime makeup in soothing colors, the use of gray, purple, brown, golden, silver eyeliner will be appropriate.

For a brighter evening look with an emphasis on attracting attention, brighter neon colors are combined with an evening dress.


  • By hair color

For bright brunettes, black or red-brown arrows are suitable.

For blondes, softer, warmer combinations are suitable.

  • By skin color

For owners of light skin tone, it is better to choose light brown shades, aquamarine, pale blue.

Owners of an olive-dark tone will suit green, rich brown, bright blue.

  • By eye color

For green, select all its shades: from emerald, grass, deep green, marsh, olive to emerald.

For gray or blue, aqua, blue, shades of gray, brown are suitable.

Brown eyes will be emphasized by purple, plum, dark blue, green, brown eyeliner.

Criterias of choice

If you adhere to some simple rules when choosing, you can avoid disappointments after purchase and during use:

  • high durability;
  • good quality;
  • fast drying;
  • does not crumble;
  • is not imprinted on the eyelid;
  • does not smear;
  • lasts for a long time;
  • convenience in storage, when applied;
  • long term of use;
  • safety.

What to look for when choosing

You need to pay attention, first of all, to:

  • shelf life;
  • the integrity of the packaging;
  • uniformity of texture: no lumps are best when drawing straight lines;
  • being tested by dermatologists;
  • quality, because the cosmetic product is in close contact with the eyes.
  • hypoallergenicity of the constituent components to exclude the provocation of allergies.

It is possible to test the eyeliner for brush comfort and texture using probes, testers.

Selection errors

There are some mistakes to avoid that can lead to buying a low-quality arrowhead product:

  • broken packaging;
  • expired or nearing expiration date;
  • a composition that does not inspire confidence.

Which company is better

Currently, there are a sufficient number of manufacturers of decorative cosmetics that have proven their products with decent quality and different price categories.

The best manufacturers in the middle price segment include:

  • DIVAGE (Russia);
  • ART-VISAGE (Russia);
  • LOREAL (France);
  • BOURJOIS (France);
  • VIVIEN SABO (France);
  • YVES ROCHER (France);
  • SISLEY (France)
  • ESSENCE (Czechoslovakia);
  • PUPA (Italy);
  • ARTDEKO (Germany).

Other important little things

How much are:

Prices for decorative cosmetics for eyes are democratic and will satisfy the taste of any consumer:

  • from 50 rubles. for decorative eyeliner Elina Kajal / Kajal Elina, wellness -
  • up to RUB 4210 for the Sisley liquid eyeliner.


The basis of the constituent components of the coloring cosmetic are:

  • water;
  • lanolin - a natural substance that nourishes the skin;
  • melanin is also a natural pigment that has an antioxidant effect on the skin, protects against ultraviolet rays;
  • medicinal antimony - relieves fatigue, stress, has a rejuvenating effect on the skin;
  • soot - represented by black carbon dye;
  • thickeners - wax or natural resin;
  • film forming agents (gum) - for long-term hold on the skin, easy application;
  • other coloring ingredients - to give different colors;
  • natural ingredients;
  • various oils;
  • vitamins;
  • herbal extracts.

The more natural ingredients in the eyeliner, the better for eye health.

Refuse immediately from the choice of those types where the components are propylparaben, powdered aluminum.

Storage periods:

The shelf life (after opening the integrity of the packaging and use) differ and depend on the type of liner:

  • Liquid, gel liners can last for about a year or more after opening;
  • Markers have a much shorter service life - from 2 to 4 months;
  • The felt-tip pen can dry quickly if stored not upright, not tightly curled.

After opening, a natural eye cosmetic will last less than a chemical one.

Try to close the packaging lid well, follow the storage rules to extend the service life.


All eyeliners can be divided into several types, depending on the consistency and method of application:

  • eyeliner-marker;
  • liner marker with a brush or rubber tip and dispenser, which must be pressed several times to supply the pigment, then turned over;
  • gel;
  • creamy;
  • dry;
  • liquid form: in the form of a tube with a brush up to 1 cm long. The brush can be soft from synthetic hairs or hard felt.

Correctly chosen good quality eyeliner applied in the morning will not smear, flow, rub off, and last all day until evening throughout the day.

How to draw arrows

There are several rules for contouring the eyes, the use of which will help you master this process. The step-by-step diagram for drawing arrows will become more understandable if you look at the photos that are presented below.

You need to be patient.It will take accuracy, perseverance, concentration.

Step-by-step instructions on how to properly eyeliner

  • You can conduct a preliminary workout using a sheet or the outside of your palm. This will help you analyze how to make a beautiful contour line thinner or thicker, how to use the very edge of the brush. There are special stickers made of silicone for hands, which will save you from washing off the persistent coloring pigment.

  • Cleanse and moisturize the skin of the eyelids with special products, wait until they are completely absorbed.
  • Apply makeup base (primer), pastel shadows or dry powder. This will prevent paint from spreading over the skin.
  • Find a comfortable elbow rest for stability as the process is lengthy.

  • Put enough base on the brush: not too much so that there are no clumps.
  • Direction of application: from the inner eyelid to the outer, along the upper edge of eyelash growth. With gentle movements, so that the composition does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes to avoid irritation.

  • To the outer edge, you can extend the line or feather its edge.

  • The contour on the lower eyelid should be thinner than the upper. Hold the liner handle at a 90 degree angle for a thinner line. For expansion, it is necessary to tilt and connect several lanes into one.

Convenient is the initial drawing with small thin strokes, line segments or dotted. Then connect the hotel strokes into one solid line.

You cannot stretch the skin, so that later it does not shrink later into an accordion, and the drawing does not deform, does not become tortuous.

All the resulting inaccuracies (and they will be, especially in the first stages of training), it is convenient to remove with a cotton swab.

  • Correct any irregularities.
  • Put your eyes down for a while to let the arrows dry, and they will not be imprinted on the upper eyelid. Try not to blink.

  • Check visually that the makeup with the arrows does not look defiant and vulgar, it is symmetrical.

If you are not at all happy with the result, which is possible with the first application, you can wash off the paint with a cotton pad dipped in an oil-free makeup remover (it will interfere with reapplication).

The lower eyelid line isn't for everyone. It visually reduces the size of the eyes.

The resulting decorative stripes can be used together with mascara, shadows. To give an accent on the arrows, use shadows of delicate shades.

Dark shadows will visually enhance the effect.

Types of arrows: what are the application options

There are different types of arrows depending on the shape of the eyes:

  • cat's eye implies an extension of the line to the temples;

  • loop - the outer edge of the line can be hidden in the eye fold of the upper eyelid;

  • apply colored eyeliner over a black, wider stripe that duplicates the main one;

  • draw a line along the lower eyelid, starting from the middle; apply light shadows to the inside of the eyelid;
  • wide arrows will add extra thickness and length to the eyelashes;

  • in the Egyptian style - the emphasis is created on the edges of the lines. After lengthening the edges of the arrows, lower them down in the area of ​​the inner eyelid and raise them on the outer.

  • Smoky Ice - shading the main line with colored shadows;

  • double;

  • in the form of wings;

  • creative forms - here you can use the flight of your own imagination. The main thing is that it is done with taste.

  • thin lines.

It is necessary to consider the fit of the eyes on the face:

  • far away, the classic shape of the arrows is suitable;
  • closely spaced - lines from the middle of the eyelid to the edge, with lengthening to the temple;
  • ideally located - from the inner eyelid to the edge, in a thin strip.

Liners for beginners

For beginners only to master the topic of drawing eyes with eyeliner, inexpensive, budget funds from the economy class are suitable.

Better to use a felt tip pen:

  • it does not leak, will not slide off when applied;
  • easier to dispense and apply with a hard tip:
  • it will take less time to apply;
  • the arrow will be easy to correct during the day;
  • you can apply first with separate thin strokes, then connect them in one line;
  • it is easier for them to adjust the thickness of the applied line.

Bourjois / Liner Feutre (41 ultra-black)

French brand of ultra-black felt-tip eyeliner, No.41. Comfortable, firm brush makes drawing much easier. Drawing even, thin lines is possible. Drawing will not take long. The felt applicator is elastic, which makes it possible to create precise, neat hands.

The composition contains selected stable components that ensure the stability of holding on the eyelid:

  • water;
  • iron oxide - a natural coloring pigment, safe for health;
  • ammonium acrylate - thickener, used to enhance shine, can be easily washed off with plain water;
  • butylene glycol - organic alcohol, safe for health, moisture retention;
  • oleic acid - found in vegetable, olive oils, animal fat, human subcutaneous fat;
  • and other components.

You can wash it off with a regular cosmetic makeup remover.

Bourjois / Liner Feutre (41 ultra-black)


  • easy to use;
  • practical;
  • universal color;
  • compact packaging;
  • does not spread.


  • requires a strong closure;
  • short term of use.

Customer Reviews: Average rating 4 out of 5.

Average price: 519 rub.


Italian brand with felt brush applicator. The color scheme is represented by 6 saturated types:

  • No. 100 - in black;
  • No. 200 - brown;
  • No. 300 - deep blue;
  • No. 301 - a bright blue electrician;
  • No. 400 - purple;
  • No. 500 - emerald.

A whole collection of different colors will suit any look. Glamorous colors have matte and pearlescent shades. The waterproof version perfectly withstands water procedures, wet rooms, sports, etc. For those whose eyelid structure is closer to oily. A soft felt brush helps you draw straight, crisp lines. Homogeneous consistency, no lumps.

A unique composition based on a waterproof formula allows it to dry quickly after application and not smudge during the day. The uniformity of the structure allows you to lie flat on the eyelid, hold on all day. Washed off with special cosmetic makeup removers.



  • paraben free (preservatives);
  • ophthalmologically tested;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • resistant to moisture;
  • dries quickly;
  • does not spread;
  • decent quality;
  • persistent.


  • for flushing requires special. means;
  • expensive.

Customer Reviews: average rating 4.4 out of 5

average price: 697 rub.

Experienced eyeliners

A medium-grade, liquid eyeliner with a soft brush will do.

It will take longer to apply and may not work the first time. But with its help, you can draw thin, graceful, more complex lines. It will take the development of certain skills. You can lead one line from the inner edge to a previously prepared and raised line on the outer eyelid.

W7 / Eyeliner Pot

The American brand Wet n Wild presents the Megaliner eyeliner of decent quality. Rich brown color. The brush is fuzzy, perfectly shaped and smooth. With its help, it is possible to apply perfectly thin arrows. Suitable for drawing wider arrow options. A small package of 3.5 ml will last for 2-3 months. everyday application.

From the first drawing, a rich strip is obtained, which can be layered if desired. From this the quality of the arrow will not deteriorate, it will not crumble.

Comfortable, good quality brush, no lint sticking out. With its tip, you can draw any arrow shape. Consistency is uniform, high durability, lasts a long time without being erased. Does not get imprinted on the skin, suitable for overhanging eyelids. Easy to wash off.

Important: the black version comes with a felt applicator.

This line is presented in a variety of colors. The shape and quality of the brushes may vary.

eyeliner W7 / Eyeliner Pot Wet n Wild


  • persistent;
  • comfortable brush;
  • saturated color;
  • easy to wash off;
  • easy to use;
  • miniature size.


  • not found.

Buyers Feedback: average rating 5 out of 5

Average price: 299 r

Vivienne Sabo / Charbon

French brand, the composition is produced in a black bottle with a volume of 6 ml. The shelf life of the dye is six months from the date of use.

The composition is based on:

  • water;
  • propylene glycol, which controls the viscosity of the composition;
  • aluminosilicate - a non-harmful thickener;
  • gum cellulose, which is responsible for binding the components, a film former;
  • and other issues.

Beautiful solemn black, when applied to the skin of the eyelid does not fade.

With a flexible, comfortable brush, you can draw one solid, even arrow. But it takes some skill, because the paint sets quickly and it becomes difficult to fix. Washes easily with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water.

Vivienne Sabo / Charbon eyeliner


  • does not smear;
  • does not crumble;
  • not printed;
  • economical consumption;
  • duration of use;
  • easy to wash off;
  • inexpensive price;
  • persistent.


  • not found.

Buyers Feedback: average rating 5 out of 5.

Average price: 239 r

Professional eyeliners

  • The premium gel eyeliner with a gel-like structure is suitable for the advanced switchman. It will not spread in hot weather or in a high temperature room. Available in various colors, with sequins. You can wash it off with a cleansing cosmetic product with oil.
  • Dry is another name for cake. The texture is similar to dry shadows. It is applied to the eyelid with a special brush, which must be moistened with water. Having collected the required amount of the substance, shade it on a palette until a homogeneous consistency is formed.
  • Creamy comes in jars. A thick paste in the form of a finished paste is used with a brush. Collect the required amount of paint, remove the excess on the edge of the jar. It will spread more easily over the skin when applied. Suitable for creating Smokey Ice makeup. Demanding storage conditions.

Special paint brushes can be narrow, hard or wide, flat; with an oblique edge or straight. Requires care in the form of washing after each use and subsequent drying.

ART-VISAGE / Hollywood

The Russian brand belongs to the budget class. The structure is gel, various colors are presented:

  • deep black - fast drying, high-quality staining of the space between the eyelashes;
  • dark brown - hides all the irregularities in the application;
  • emerald green is a beautiful, decent shade, suitable for both daytime and evening make-up.
  • bright blue - suitable for creating a bright image, shade the color of the eyes;
  • eggplant purple - a refined, elegant color suitable for everyday use, harmoniously combined with pastel shades.

On the packaging, the manufacturer gives information about the date of manufacture, composition, makeup artist's advice on the correct application of the cosmetic product, the constituent components.

Convenient packaging in the form of a jar with a twisting brush lid. Which is very convenient because you don't have to pick it up separately. Just remember to clean it after each use.

You can change the length of the transformer applicator to suit your needs.

When using the cosmetic composition, to avoid drying out, cover the coloring matter with a lid.

ART-VISAGE / Hollywood


  • fast drying;
  • easy application;
  • regulation of color saturation;
  • firmness;
  • variety of colors;
  • the presence of an applicator;
  • ease of use;
  • does not spread;
  • withstands up to 12 hours;
  • not expensive.


  • requires special storage conditions.

Buyers Feedback: average rating 5 out of 5.

average price: 282 rub.

Long-wear Cream Eyeliner / MAKE-UP-SECRET / professional

Russian brand, popular eyeliner model.

The constituent components are included in the INCI list - an international catalog of cosmetic components:

  • cyclopentasiloxane - makes the composition soft and silky to the structure;
  • trimethylsiloxysilicate - provides shine, moisture resistance, film-forming;
  • alkyl methicone - gives viscosity to the composition, makes the structure soft;
  • and other things.

The raw materials for the production of the composition are presented by France, Japan.Manufactured in Hong Kong.

Suitable for crisp lines or blending. Favorably sets off the color of the pupils.

Available in various shades:

  • black - for the classic version, suitable for any makeup. For drawing a strict line and drawing between the ciliary spaces;
  • brown color - perfectly set off blue, gray, blue eyes. Suitable for any make-up done in soft colors;
  • saturated violet color - effectively set off the eyes of a green shade and its combinations: gray-green, green-blue, olive, yellow-green, green-brown;
  • blue - in good harmony with black eyes, enhances the brightness of the owners of gray eyes.

Washed off with micellar water.

Long-wear Cream Eyeliner / MAKE-UP-SECRET / professional


  • high durability;
  • has a foil cover that duplicates the cover;
  • beautiful colors;
  • matte shades;
  • reflective particles;
  • not printed;
  • does not smear;
  • even application;
  • high durability.


  • requires makeup skills;
  • it takes some time to apply;
  • the cost is above average.

Customer Reviews: average rating 4.5 out of 5

Average price: 759 r


A budget option for dry eyeliner. Excellent value for money. The small size of the package, only 2.7 cm * 3 cm, is enough for long-term use. its consumption is economical.

The cosmetic product is made up of natural ingredients:

  • rice powder;
  • various plant waxes;
  • beeswax;
  • fatty acids;
  • cottonseed, peanut, palm oils.

The manufacturer has released 6 of the most common colors, incl. black and brown.

With the help of a special beveled brush dipped in water, an advanced specialist can easily apply the paint in an even strip. The brightness of the color can be varied by increasing or decreasing the liquid on the brush. Use a palette to create the desired shade. You can also experiment with the saturation of the resulting color by re-layering.

Suitable for use by athletes with oily skin who like walking in the rain. Easily rinsed off with special cleansers.

Jeans eyeliner


  • does not cause irritation;
  • is not imprinted on the eyelid;
  • good layering;
  • persistent;
  • lays down beautifully;
  • color brightness adjustment;
  • budget price;
  • long-playing.


  • not suitable for shading.

Buyers Feedback: average rating 5 out of 5

Average price: 110 RUB

Rating of popular eyeliners, based on the opinion of buyers

  • Wet n Wild, black, brown - from 230 rubles;
  • Christian Dior - 1,633 rubles;
  • Lancôme, black, blue, brown - 2 980 rubles;
  • Estrade, brown, gray, black - from 119 rubles.

Budget options for quality eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners:

  • Bourjois 14 h class, black;
  • BeYu DIP eyeliner;
  • Pupa Vamp.

Eyeliners- markers:

  • L'oreal perfect liner super slim;
  • L'oreal perfect liner so couture;
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes.

New in decorative eyeliners

  • Rimalan / gel eyeliner / GE277, brown and black - 220 rubles;
  • ART-VISAGE / liquid eyeliner / Intense, gray, blue, brown - 180 rubles;
  • Pierre Rene / gel eyeliner with a brush / Gel Eyeliner - 689 rubles;
  • Pierre Rene / liquid eyeliner / Royal Liner - 788 ₽
  • Fennel / eyeliner-cushion - 365 rubles;
  • Rimalan / eyeliner / EL05 with a soft brush - 188 rubles;
  • ART-VISAGE / eyeliner / Hollywood, blue, blue, black - 254 rubles;
  • L'Oreal Paris / liquid liner with a stencil / "Superliner Cat Eye" - 804 rubles;
  • Rimalan / eyeliner / EL05 with a hard brush - 188 rubles;
  • Almea / persistent eyeliner / Xlash - 1 460 rubles;
  • W7 / liquid eyeliner / Very Vegan with natural composition, no animal fats;
  • set of 5 eyeliners Kat Von D - 6 150 rubles.
  • For sensitive eyelid skin, Sisley is suitable, costing 4210 rubles.

A variety of decorative eyeliners and their shapes on the face. In this article, we tried to help you understand this abundance and get answers to the questions: "How to choose", "How to learn how to draw arrows beautifully."

We hope that you will discover your artistic talent by trying yourself in the role of first a personal makeup artist, and then, perhaps, it will become your hobby and even a source of income. After all, doing what you love and getting paid for it is happiness. And decorative makeup products - eyeliners - will help you with this. If you have experience using the eyeliners described in the rating, or a more interesting model, tell us about it in the comments.


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