Choosing the best weight gainer in 2020


In today's world, nutritional supplements have become commonplace for athletes. Each of them has specific functions. In this article, we will focus on one of the very first products that appeared on the sports nutrition market - a gainer. It is designed to gain mass. Bodybuilders around the world use this nutritional supplement. The product contains a large amount of carbohydrates, both fast and slow, due to which it provides a huge amount of energy.

Almost the daily rate of kilocalories for an ordinary person can be covered in one dose. This is done precisely to build muscle quickly. In addition, the gainer contains proteins that facilitate better absorption of carbohydrates. Also, some manufacturers add amino acids that help the body to recover, heal microtrauma; creatine, which helps the body to better absorb proteins, along with taurine, for better assimilation of the former. The editorial staff of the site "" will tell you which gainer is better to choose

How does a gainer work?

After training, a person experiences fatigue, which is associated with depletion of energy. To restore it, the body needs carbohydrates, which are not always possible to get through food, then sports nutrition comes to the rescue. The gainer is used to create a beautiful body relief, gain muscle mass and replenish energy deficiency. The very important thing here is that it is not addictive.

Who should take a gainer?

In order to understand whether this product is right for you or not, you need to figure out what type of people you are. There are only three body types:

  • Ectomorphs are people who are initially thin, do not have subcutaneous fat, do not have strong muscles;
  • Mesomorphs - such people have bodybuilding abilities. They are athletic and have strong muscles;
  • Endomorphs are people prone to obesity, have a slow metabolism, due to which they quickly gain weight.

This type of sports nutrition is advised mainly for ectomorphs (naturally thin people). Because it helps you gain enough carbohydrates for faster muscle growth. In people with a strong physique, consumption can lead, on the contrary, to unwanted body fat. However, you can choose your own gainer for each type.

What kind of gainers are there?

There are two types of gainers in total:

  • With fast carbohydrates;
  • With slow carbohydrates.

Simply put, the former lead to a quick result, while the latter act slowly, while not causing sharp spikes in blood sugar.

In addition, weight gainers differ in the number of calories per serving. Divide high carbohydrate and balanced. The first ones are suitable mainly for those who are naturally very difficult to gain weight, that is, for ectomorphs, they are undesirable for other body types.

For mesomorphs, a high-carb gainer will not work.It is worth paying attention to the composition and choosing a product with relatively few calories per serving and a sufficient protein content.

Endomorphs should be careful with the choice of a gainer, watch out for a low fat content in the composition. Also, there should be a lot of protein in the mixture, in contrast to carbohydrates.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the time of appointment. Some must be taken before training, some after. Some are designed as a supplement to the main food, others as a complete replacement.

Often the main mistake when choosing a gainer is ignoring the characteristics of your own body and body structure. To avoid unpleasant situations, you should consult with experienced athletes or study this topic yourself. It is necessary to correctly understand which gainer is needed, high-protein or high-carbohydrate, look at reviews, reviews and product ratings. The main thing to remember is that the choice of nutrition for sports must be approached very responsibly, because the result directly depends on this. Without proper nutrition, the body will not absorb the necessary nutrients, will not find energy for training, muscle mass will not increase, then the desired result will not be obtained from training.

How to choose the composition?

Most often, when answering the question, what to look for when choosing a particular product, the first answer will be the composition. And not casual, because it is almost the most important thing. The quality of the product depends on it, how it works, possible side effects and personal intolerance to the components.

In the composition of any product, in the first place is the substance that is contained the most. Since the gainer consists of at least 80% carbohydrates, they will occupy the first position. Here's a list of the best carbs for quick effects:

  • maltodextrin (maltodextrin);
  • starch (starch);
  • rice (aka glucose) syrup (rise syrup);
  • dextrose;
  • glucose polymers.

For a slow effect:

  • cereals (grains);
  • oats (avena sativa, oat);
  • legumes (leguminous crop);
  • buckwheat (buckwheat);
  • barley (barley);
  • bran (bran).

Additional selection criteria to be followed:

  • a good gainer is characterized by the obligatory content of fiber, it not only cleanses the body of toxins and improves the functioning of the digestive organs, but also as a result of its breakdown glucose is formed, which is an important energy fuel.
  • It is worth paying attention to proteins (protein), the content of which should not exceed 35%, it is they that allow you to quickly build muscle mass.

When and how to take a gainer?

This type of product is a powder, which must be mixed with water or milk before use. Drinking more than one serving per day is not recommended as the amount of nutrients in one meal is quite large, comparable to a normal meal. An exception can be made for thin people who want to gain weight very quickly, then it is worth drinking 2 servings a day.

Usually the gainer is taken after training for the fastest recovery. When the body needs to replenish its reserves of nutrients. It is at this time that it is very important to eat something. In this case, a gainer is a very convenient product to use.

It can also be taken before training, then the energy level in the body will increase, and the exercise will be easy and energetic. However, there is one drawback - a possible increase in adipose tissue. Therefore, this method is rather unpopular.

The gainer is also suitable for rest days between workouts. Especially ectomorphs should use it these days, but not in large quantities. People who are prone to being overweight should give it up altogether, otherwise there is a risk of accumulating excess fat, which of course no one wants.

How to understand if a gainer is suitable?

During active training, in order to achieve the best result, it is very important to choose the right gainer, based on the characteristics of your body and body structure.After you start taking the product, you need to start observing changes in your feelings, in your body. Usually the result is visible after 2 weeks. There are several options for the development of events:

  • Fat deposits have appeared. This means that this product is not suitable for you. Perhaps it is simply not of high quality or does not suit the characteristics of your physique. In this case, you need to reconsider your choice.
  • Obvious gain in muscle mass. The selected gainer is well suited and fulfills its function.
  • Digestive disorders. This also happens. Mainly due to the poor quality of the products that make up the composition or individual intolerance to its individual elements. This is usually noticeable after several doses and, of course, it is better to stop using immediately.

So which one is better to buy?

For a beginner in sports, the main thing is quick results. Therefore, many, having learned about the gainer, rush to the store and buy the first one they come across, hoping for good luck. However, the choice of any element of sports nutrition must be approached consciously. Here is a rating of the most common, high-quality and fast-acting gainers.

The gainer market is large and varied. Almost every sports manufacturer produces one. Therefore, the competition is quite high, and when a customer comes to the store, his eyes run wide. Usually people stop at the most popular products, which are heard everywhere and described in every article. Therefore, to begin with, let's consider the rating of the popularity of models around the world. It is not for nothing that these products have won such love among athletes and ordinary amateurs:

  1. One of the most popular and arguably high-quality high-carb gainers is Serious Mass (from Optimum Nutrition). It ranks first in most of the tops. This American manufacturer uses the finest raw materials for its products and has won the love of many athletes. The main advantage of this product is the value for money. On average, 750 rubles per 1 kg. product. There are many flavors: banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla. Please note that the composition is represented only by simple carbohydrates.
  2. When it comes to balanced gainers, BSN's True Mass deserves attention. One of its main advantages is its good protein composition. Perfect for weight gain for thin people. Many flavors are presented: banana, biscuit with cream, strawberry milk, vanilla ice cream, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter. Prices start at 1000 rubles per kg.
  3. Of the mid-range products, the most popular is the R-Line Titan Creatine. The average price is 2000 rubles for 4 kilograms of product. Domestic manufacturer, good reviews, presented in five flavors: chocolate, banana, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla. It dissolves well and does not cause digestive problems. One of the best in this price segment.
  4. From the premium segment, Up Your Mass from MHP is good enough. The price averages 1,300 rubles per 1 kg. product. Greatly accelerates recovery periods as it is rich in amino acids. It is also suitable for athletes who are prone to overweight, which is quite rare. Due to its unique formula, the gainer only promotes muscle gain, eliminating the likelihood of storing fat. Available in five flavors, classic vanilla and chocolate, as well as cream biscuits, peanut butter, and homemade cinnamon baked goods.

Answering the question "How much does a good gainer cost?" It so happens that a product from the middle price category is much higher in quality than an expensive one. Sometimes people just don't want to spend a lot of money on sports nutrition. In addition, not everyone can afford to overpay for a cool American brand. On store shelves and on the Internet, you can also find good products from domestic manufacturers at a relatively low price.

Best Budget Mass Gainers for 2020

Maxler special mass

High calorie gainer from a renowned manufacturer. Has a unique formula with fast and slow carbohydrates, several types of protein.

Maxler special mass


  • It is an excellent gainer for its price;
  • Does not cause bloating;
  • Well absorbed;
  • It performs well its functions, namely, mass gain.


  • Inconvenient packaging;
  • Not suitable for everyone.

Weider Mega Mass 4000

Contains the largest amount of energy of any Weider product. Due to the special composition, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Weider Mega Mass 4000


  • It can be used both on rest days and during workouts;
  • Performs well its functions;
  • Users report good taste.


  • It is sold in large packs, so it comes out quite expensive, although the price per kilogram is inexpensive.

Gain Fast 3100 by Universal Nutrition

Heavy Duty Mass Gainer. Accelerates growth processes, increases endurance, adds energy during and after training.

Gain Fast 3100 by Universal Nutrition


  • Good gainer on fast carbohydrates;
  • A large number of additional supplements that accelerate recovery and promote muscle growth.


  • The composition is quite low in protein.

Dymatize Super MASS Gainer

Perfectly balanced gainer from a trusted manufacturer. Balanced formula. Suitable for intense workouts.

Dymatize Super MASS Gainer


  • For such nutritional value, the price is excellent;
  • There are five excellent flavors;
  • The product is enriched with vitamins in large quantities.


  • For some, the body will take some time to get used to the product.

List of the best high protein gainers

Special attention should be paid to high-protein gainers, which are not so many in stores.

Hyper Mass 5000 from BioTech USA

Great for building muscle, thanks to its composition, it allows the body to absorb large amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Suitable for those who want to quickly and efficiently increase body mass and relief.

Hyper Mass 5000 from BioTech USA


  • Contains a large amount of quality protein;
  • Creatine, which helps protein metabolism.


  • Due to its high fiber content, it can cause bloating. Therefore, you should not abuse this product.

Premium X-Gainer KFD Nutrition

Highest quality carbohydrate blend. Provides fast weight gain without "chemistry", maintains tone and immunity.

Premium X-Gainer KFD Nutrition


  • Consists of complex carbohydrates;
  • It does not contain sugar, so it can be used even by diabetics.
  • Good value for money


  • Some of the tastes are bitter.

The best gainers by composition

For some people, it is not so much the action that is very important as the usefulness of the gainer. Sometimes, the more natural the composition, the less likely it is to get poisoned. Many people simply choose to avoid "chemistry" in their diet. At the moment, the best gainers in terms of their composition are:

Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

The protein-carbohydrate complex that athletes love. The manufacturers have put all the best products into it. It is a high class product.

Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition


  • All ingredients are perfectly balanced;
  • Contains a large amount of trace elements;
  • Minimal fat and high protein.
  • Has many flavors;
  • Mixes well;
  • does not cause digestive upset.


  • High price.

Cyto Gaine, manufacturer of CytoSport

A special complex that does not contain sugar, fructose and sucrose ensures good absorption of all elements by the body. Provides fast recovery.

Cyto Gaine, CytoSport


  • Minimum sugar content;
  • Contains the most necessary and good components for gaining muscle mass;
  • Has 6 flavors, the best, according to buyers, is a cream cookie.


  • It is quite difficult to find it on sale in Russia.

Weight Gainer Blend from MyProtein

Perfectly matched formula for effective muscle gain. Manufacturers claim that the formula is "All the best in one".

Weight Gainer Blend MyProtein


  • Contains the same protein as milk;
  • Excellent quality complex carbohydrates;


  • In terms of consistency, the drink is slightly denser than a regular milkshake;
  • Users complain about a slightly unpleasant taste.

Up Your Mass by MHP

It has already been written about him above, during the casting of some of the most popular gainers. However, we repeat, because he is not only very popular, but also has an excellent composition.

Up Your Mass by MHP


  • Greatly accelerates recovery periods;
  • Rich in amino acids;
  • Suitable also for athletes prone to overweight, which is quite rare;
  • Due to its unique formula, the gainer only promotes muscle gain, eliminating the likelihood of storing fat.


  • High price

What's popular in Russia?

What shakes the rating of goods in Russia. On Yandex Market, the first place is occupied by Gainer Mutant Mass, which costs 491 rubles per kilogram, which is quite cheap. The product performs its functions very well and for such a price. It is a high-carbohydrate product, containing almost 176 g per serving. In addition, users note the good taste of the product and quick absorption.

Gainer Mutant Mass

Also, Gainer R-Line Light Mass is quite inexpensive and popular in Russia, for a kilogram of which you can pay only 314 rubles. Domestic manufacturer, so the price is so low. In addition, the quality of the raw materials used is not the best. But for those who do not really want to spend money and do not have problems with being overweight, it is quite suitable.

R-Line Light Mass

Which company is better?

In order not to buy a product of poor quality, you should refer to the list of the best manufacturers. There is no doubt about the products from these brands, because they have long taken leading positions in the market.

  • Universal Nutrition. It is one of the very first sports nutrition companies, constantly expanding its range, developing its own unique products. And most importantly, excellent quality control has been formed, all products have passed certain examinations.
  • Ultimate Nutrition. An excellent brand that does not stop improving to this day. Everything is made from quality materials. However, some foods can be addictive.
  • Optimum Nutrition. A world-renowned company that manufactures products for both professionals and ordinary sports fans. Recognized as the best sports nutrition manufacturer. The only drawback is the price. In recent years, it has grown significantly, although the quality of the products has not changed.
  • MuscleTech. Many world famous athletes recommend nutritional supplements from this manufacturer. We have our own pharmacological laboratory and medical partners. All this helps to produce safe and effective products for fitness and bodybuilding. They are dedicated to producing high quality products for athletes and bodybuilders.
  • BSN. The company is quite young, but has already managed to win the love of consumers. They are constantly working to release new innovative products. All the declared functionality and characteristics are clearly manifested in all products. It is for a fresh look at the world of sports nutrition and honesty with customers that the brand has become so popular. The only thing is that prices in retail stores are often overpriced.

Thus, several leading positions can be distinguished:

  • The cheapest and at the same time good gainer is R-Line Light Mass;
  • The best composition for the premium product is Up Your Mass (MHP);
  • The most popular worldwide is Serious Mass (Optimum Nutrition).
Serious Mass (Optimum Nutrition)

In this article, the most popular gainers were considered, based on composition, price and quality, nature of action. The presented items are time-tested and have earned the trust of buyers. It should be noted that there are contraindications for this type of product and it is advisable to consult a doctor before use.


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