Best smart door locks in 2020


Smart locks (smartlocks) are special electronic devices that allow you to lock the front door without using physical, mechanical keys. The main advantage of smartlocks is that thanks to them, the doors can be locked or, conversely, opened using a remote mode.

As a rule, most modern systems are equipped with mechanisms of this type today, under the name "smart House". The editors of the site "", having studied the tips, reviews and recommendations of most users, prepared for your attention a rating of the best smart locks for entrance doors from popular manufacturers as of 2020.

Description of the mechanism and the principle of its operation

What are the models of smart locks? Which castle is better to buy and how much does it cost?

There are different models of smart locks (smartlocks), which are designed for both entrance and interior doors. In addition, they can be used both as independent devices that are responsible for locking, and to carry out their work in a complex manner, together with standard locks, for which ordinary keys are used to unlock. The main feature of smartlocks is that they can be controlled remotely. To do this, you can use devices such as tablets, smartphones, central hubs.

Different smartlocks differ in the way they lock and open doors. For example, in order to open or close doors equipped with such a device, depending on its technical characteristics and principle of operation, it is necessary:

  • Enter a special, preset password (to enter the code, a stationary panel is used with which the device is equipped);
  • Use a special plastic card that is equipped with an electronic chip (the card is applied to a special reader, due to which the canvas is locked or, on the contrary, opens);
  • Use a special key fob that comes with the device (in this case, the key fob is used as a control panel).

Smartlocks equipped with special biometric sensors are also very popular. Such sensors allow reading patterns from fingerprints or the retina of the eyes. However, it should be noted that they are much more expensive compared to devices that are not equipped with biometric sensors.

To be able to control a smart lock using the Internet, it must be connected to the central hub with which the smart home system is equipped or directly to the gadgets of the home owner (smartphone, personal computer, laptop). For connection, wireless technologies Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are used. Also, a special application must be installed on mobile devices that allows you to remotely control the lock.

Reference! the smart lock not only allows you to give commands to lock or open, but also to receive a variety of information regarding the operation of the device. For example, thanks to remote control, you can get data on whether the entrance doors are closed or open at the moment, or receive notifications at the moment when someone tries to enter the house.


Compared to classic locks, electronic smartlocks have a higher level of security against possible burglary by intruders. A high level of security of the smart lock system is achieved due to the fact that:

  • A private channel is used to transfer all information between the smartlock and the user. This ensures a high level of protection of personal data and minimizes the possibility of information leakage.
  • Smartlocks, which are controlled by key fobs or special plastic cards, are equipped with 100 billion possible combinations. For this reason, finding the right key for them is not an easy task, even for specially designed hacker software.
  • Some types of locks are equipped with special biometric readers. Therefore, without fingerprints or scanning the retina of the owner of the house, it will be almost impossible to open them.

On a note! In the event of mechanical impact on the door, when intruders use a crowbar, a pry bar, a grinder, the smart lock will start giving signals of burglary to the owner's gadget. Also, some devices can signal a possible home burglary directly to the emergency services console.

Thanks to the use of modern high-tech filling, smartlocks are able to provide much better protection of home from burglary, as well as intruders. However, it should be noted that no device, even a smart lock, can guarantee 100% protection of a home from burglary. Therefore, together with such high-tech devices, it is recommended to additionally equip houses with alarm systems and motion detectors.

Benefits overview

Compared to classic locks, smart devices that are equipped with entrance doors have many undeniable advantages. The main advantages of such devices are:

  • Possibility of automated remote control;
  • Ability to view accounts (time and number of doors opened and closed, who and when used electronic keys, and so on);
  • The ability to remotely control (for this, the user can use such gadgets as smartphones);
  • Creation of special work scenarios (sending guests temporary passwords, digital keys that are valid for a limited time period).

The only drawback of smartlocks is their high cost compared to ordinary, classic mechanical locks. In addition, on such electronic devices, after a certain amount of time, it will be necessary to replace the batteries (batteries).

Where can you install

For the installation of modern smartlocks, any type of door leaf is suitable. Both metal and wooden entrance doors can be equipped with such mechanisms. They are also suitable for premises of any type and purpose. They can be used to equip entrance doors in offices, houses, apartments, as well as various public buildings. The installation process of a smart lock takes several stages:

  1. First, the door leaf is equipped with a locking mechanism. The installation process, first of all, depends on the type, as well as the design features of the lock used.
  2. Then, at the next stage, the locking mechanism is equipped with an intelligent unit, which is supplied with batteries, allowing it to function autonomously from the electrical network of a house or apartment. The intelligent unit can be equipped with a touch screen, magnetic or biometric information reader.
  3. Then the installed mechanism is tested for locking and opening the doors.It also checks the basic and additional functions that the mechanism is equipped with.

At the final stage of the installation, the smartlock is connected to the remote control system. As a rule, communication with it is provided through the use of wireless connection technologies.

How to choose a smartlock?

When choosing a smartlock, first of all, you need to pay attention to:

  • The level of ease of control when using wireless technologies;
  • Compatibility with smart home technology;
  • Ability to assign access rights to the device using a smartphone;
  • The ability to use a standard key;
  • Battery life (rechargeable batteries);
  • The level of complexity for installation, assembly, and configuration;
  • Voice control and Smart Watch function.

You also need to pay attention to the level of functionality of the selected model. Locks equipped with biometric scanners provide the maximum level of protection of the premises from unauthorized entry. Also, some smartlocks allow you to issue a temporary key to unlock the locking mechanism to third parties.

Best smart door locks in 2020

Modern smartlocks are equipped with a wide variety of functions. For example, some popular manufacturers equip their models with an automatic door opening function, voice control, as well as scanners that allow you to read fingerprints. Smart locks are popular, which do not need to be connected to the network at home.

VOCOlinc Tguard Smart Bluetooth Door Lock

One of the most popular models of smart locks, which is perfect for installation on both entrance and interior doors. The outer part of this device is reliably protected from the effects of atmospheric precipitation with a special pad made of silicone. Its main feature is that due to its small size it will fit absolutely any door. You can use a smartphone for remote control. Also, this smartlock provides for the use of an ordinary physical key.

Bluetooth is used to synchronize with a smartphone. In addition, VOCOlinc Tguard Smart Bluetooth Door Lock is fully compatible with smart home systems. Access to this device can be obtained with a password using a special mobile application.

This device is capable of simultaneously memorizing up to 30 passwords, the length of which is from 4 to 8 digits. It is worth noting that all selected passwords can be grouped and assigned names or titles. For example, you can create passwords for users under different logins. Thanks to this, you can always get information about who and when entered the premises of the house.

For security, the input keyboard, if the user entered the password incorrectly 4 times, will be locked. You can also configure the frequency of entering passwords yourself. For example, you can set an algorithm that provides for entering one password no more than 5 times per day.

The front of the VOCOlinc Tguard Smart Bluetooth Door Lock is equipped with a touch panel, on which there are numbers from 0 to 9, as well as 2 buttons (lock and unlock). Directly above the touch panel is a special backlight that acts as an indicator. If a green indicator is lit on the backlight, then this signals that the front door is open, if red - that it is locked.

Another feature of the VOCOlinc Tguard Smart Bluetooth Door Lock is that it allows you to issue temporary passwords to third parties (there is a function of the so-called temporary access). The validity period of the temporary password is set by the user himself, and it can be valid for a few minutes or 1-2 weeks.

VOCOlinc Tguard Smart Bluetooth Door Lock


  • Compactness;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Wireless control capability;
  • High indicators of strength and protection of the structure from the effects of atmospheric precipitation;
  • Compatible with iOS;
  • The ability to provide temporary passwords to third parties.


  • Difficult to install on your own;
  • Price (average cost is 13,590 rubles).

Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1 (Left) Black

Inexpensive, budget device from one of the world's most popular manufacturers. This model is made in the form of a special cover that must be mounted directly into the keyhole itself. Installation is carried out on the inside of the door leaf.

To open Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1, you can use either an ordinary mechanical key or use a mobile device (smartphone). This model is able to maintain a wireless connection using Bluetooth or a communicator running on Android OS, as well as iOS. It can also generate temporary virtual keys for visitors or people who rent housing. The user can set the validity period of such a virtual key himself.

The Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1 model has a modern stylish design, as well as increased resistance to mechanical damage. No special tools are required to install this device. The door lock key must be installed directly into the device adapter itself, which is clamped with screws. The device itself is glued to the door leaf thanks to double-sided tape.

Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1 (Left) Black


  • The cheapest, best, budget device of the overhead type, the average cost of which varies around 5,490 rubles;
  • The ability to wirelessly connect to smartphones;
  • Can be installed on most models of mechanical locks;
  • It is a durable device that can withstand strong mechanical stress;
  • The ability to generate virtual keys with a user-defined expiration date;
  • The battery charge lasts for a year;
  • Locks with one touch on the touch panel.


  • Requires perfect, precise fit to the surface of the canvas;
  • Difficult to set up;
  • Sometimes, about 10% of the total number of users, may have difficulty opening (when using wireless control systems).

Xiaomi Aqua Smart Door Lock S2 (Black)

Reliable, in the opinion of most buyers, a device made in a stylish modern design, which is intended for installation, both in residential buildings and apartments. You can use several different methods to open this smartlock:

  • Touchscreen digital display;
  • The fingerprint scanner;
  • Electronic key;
  • Mechanical key.

This model can be connected wirelessly to the switch. It supports Android OS as well as iOS. Also, the device provides the user with information about when, at what time and how it was opened, or vice versa - closed.

It should be noted that Xiaomi Aqua Smart Door Lock S2 is equipped with a drum system with a special C - class technology. The fingerprint reader is located on the surface of the handle. It is recommended to install on entrance doors, the thickness of which varies from 4 to 12 cm.

Xiaomi Aqua Smart Door Lock S2 (Black)


  • Functionality (is a multifunctional device);
  • Provides a high degree of security;
  • Supports several different opening options;
  • Equipped with a fingerprint scanner;
  • Supports wireless connection to gadgets;
  • Possesses high indicators of strength and resistance to mechanical damage;
  • Suitable for smart home systems.


  • High cost (23,990 rubles);
  • Difficult to install (for the installation of the mechanism it is better to seek help from specialists);
  • No spare parts.

H - Gang Sync TR100

A Korean-made smart padlock model popular among domestic consumers. It has a pleasant, modern design, so it is perfect for any interior in which the premises of the house are made. Suitable for ensuring security and preventing unauthorized entry, both into residential buildings and into office premises.

This model is easy to install yourself, with your own hands, following the step-by-step instructions for its installation. All you need for home installation is a drill and a screwdriver. Also, the smart H-Gang Sync TR100 patch lock is easy to operate. However, it should be noted that it can be opened only by entering the password set by the user using the touch digital display.

Additionally equipped with functions of double protection, automatic locking, one-touch security. Also supports automatic unlocking function in case of battery discharge. To open this smartlock when the battery is discharged, you need to connect an ordinary krone-type battery to the contacts located on the outside of the device.

H - Gang Sync TR100


  • Low cost (8900 rubles);
  • Ease of installation and management;
  • The display is backlit;
  • The presence of a touch screen;
  • Operating temperature range from -15 to +50 degrees Celsius;
  • The presence of a fire detection sensor;
  • Battery life is 1 year, after which they need to be replaced (provided no more than 10 openings in one day).


  • There is no possibility of using a mechanical key;
  • There is no information board;
  • Does not support the operation of remote control panels;
  • There is no double authentication feature.

igloohome Deadbolt 2S Metal Gray

A high-quality, reliable device that is manufactured in South Korea. It is the most optimal solution both for installation in the office and for protecting the house from penetration of unauthorized persons. Supplied with mechanical keys, which are recommended for use in special, emergency cases. Basically igloohome Deadbolt 2S Metal Gray is controlled wirelessly, thanks to the use of gadgets.

Due to its design features, it supports such methods of opening as entering passwords or using applications. The recommended blade thickness for installing this unit is 40-65 mm. The locking device of this smartlock is mortise. As a rule, such models are used in apartments that are rented.

igloohome Deadbolt 2S Metal Gray


  • Compactness;
  • Reliability;
  • Made from quality material;
  • Simple controls;
  • Remote control capability;
  • Can be opened with a mechanical key;
  • Battery charge is enough for 1 use of the device;
  • Master password function;
  • The range of minimum and maximum operating temperatures varies from -20 to +50 degrees Celsius.


  • High cost (average price is 17,500 rubles);
  • More suitable for offices and rental housing (apartments).

Comparative characteristics of different popular models of smart locks

Name, descriptionOpening methodsAverage cost (in rubles)
VOCOlinc Tguard Smart Bluetooth Door LockMechanical key, password, application13590
Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1 (Left) BlackPhysical (mechanical) key, virtual key (code)5490
Xiaomi Aqua Smart Door Lock S2 (Black)Touchscreen digital display, Fingerprint reader, Mechanical key, Electronic key23990
H - Gang Sync TR100Email Password8900
igloohome Deadbolt 2S Metal GrayMechanical keys, remote control, password17500

Smart locks are modern devices that are capable of providing a high level of security for homes or office premises. The main advantage of such devices is that they can be controlled remotely. In addition, some smartlock models are able to notify the owner of the house about all the events that happened during the day (the number of openings, and so on).

Which company is the best device, where can I buy them and how to order? The domestic consumer is very popular with Russian and Korean-made devices, which successfully combine such parameters as price and quality of performance. You can order such devices in the online store, having familiarized yourself with the catalog of products sold, having studied reviews of its technical characteristics and placing an order online.

Most modern models of smart locks are perfect for smart home systems and can be remotely controlled using gadgets. If you are using the smart lock model for the front door, which is presented in our rating, or use another device, please share your experience with us in the comments.


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