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The stylish look does not tolerate frivolous curls. Fashion dictates clear lines in clothes and hair. But if nature has endowed with naughty hair? To always look your best, you can start your morning with a visit to a beauty salon, where a skilled hairdresser will turn untidy curls into exquisite curls. However, this will cost a pretty penny. It is much more profitable to buy a straightening comb, to get rid of the problem of tangled and unkempt hair once and for all.

The editorial staff of the site "" offers you an overview of the best hair straightening combs for 2020.

What are the comb-straighteners

The heroine of the film "The Incorrigible Liar", in order to restore her hair to its former appearance, stroked long strands with an iron. If she had a straightening comb, she would not have had to resort to such a radical method. However, the motion picture was published in the Soviet years, and the multistyler, so beloved by hairdressing masters, was invented much later. It appeared on sale five years ago.

The novelty was to the taste of professionals and amateurs. The body is equipped with electrical elements that heat the teeth of the comb, allowing you to effortlessly finish your hairstyle to perfection. The comb is safe: the manufacturers have taken care of lovely ladies by providing the bristles with rubber pads that gently touch the scalp; the temperature modes of the miracle equipment are tested for each hair type. It is impossible to burn yourself with a comb-rectifier: although the electrical elements heat up to 200 degrees and higher, at the ends of the teeth the temperature is fixed at no more than 50 degrees.

Not only heat is the main secret of the invention. Giving the strands the desired shape is due to ionization by negatively charged particles.

This is the difference between the hairdressing novelty and such devices as an iron and tongs, which were recently in demand among beauties, but which, for the sake of beauty, can harm health.

Types of combs with straightening function

The manufacturer offers devices of various shapes, with various functions, serving the same cause - maintaining female beauty.

The following models are on sale:

  • Classic.

All you have to do is comb to tidy up your hairstyle - the electric model will do everything by itself due to ionization and heating plates.

  • Round.

Ideal for creating curls and smoothing strands thanks to the hairdryer function. Dries strands and gives shape.

  • With rotating body.

Styler is uncontrollable in inexperienced hands, but a professional hairdresser is able to create a miracle with his help. Smoothes, curls no worse than a curling iron. The comb is equipped with several modes and functions.

  • With clip.

Outwardly it looks like a curling iron. Difference: shape - cylinder and teeth. Straightens, curls.

  • With massage function.

An irreplaceable thing for ladies who want to have thick hair. Thanks to the stimulation of the scalp, the follicles wake up and begin to grow rapidly.

  • With a water effect.

The device is equipped with a reservoir for liquid, where you can add not only water, but also nutrients. The styler copes with even the most rebellious strands, taking care not only of the beauty of the hairstyle, but also of the health of the hair.

Traditionally, the best manufacturers, taking care of consumers, try to make hair straighteners as safe as possible. In addition to the rubberized tips of the brushes, products are supplied with a ceramic or tourmaline coating. Expensive models are complemented with a display where the user sees the heating mark and can adjust the temperature mode himself.

Benefits of Straightening Combs

According to buyers who have experienced the novelty of hairdressing, the styler has undoubted advantages:

  • Saves time - the styling procedure is fast and of high quality;
  • A beginner can work with most of the straightening combs, no professional skills are required;
  • Keeps follicles healthy;
  • The process is safe;
  • It is enough to hold with one hand;
  • Many models are equipped with a timer and display, which allows you to monitor the heating temperature;
  • Removes statics;
  • Not only straightens hair, with additional functions curls, increases volume, adds shine;
  • Powered by electrical network, accumulator, batteries;
  • The product is compact.


  • High cost of effective models;
  • Product weight - some models are quite heavy;
  • Inexpensive product with a short cord.

Safe use rules

Working with any electrical device begins with reading the instructions, which present the characteristics of the device. The description contains information about the power of the product, design features, heating range, it is indicated if additional nozzles, etc.

The temperature mode is set as follows:

  • dry thin - 170-190 degrees;
  • normal - 210 degrees;
  • thick hard –230 degrees.

Rectifier recommendations:

  1. Wash your hair and dry.
  2. Apply thermal protection.
  3. Plug in the device.
  4. Comb the strands from the roots along the entire length.
  5. Switch off the styler.
  6. Clean the teeth after the electrical mechanism has completely cooled down.

Most popular mistakes

If you use the comb correctly, there is no problem. However, the result will be negative if:

  • Do not use thermal protective equipment;
  • Too hot the electric brush;
  • Styling wet hair.

In addition, lovely young ladies and ladies should remember that it is dangerous to use a straightening comb while standing with bare feet on a wet floor - it will shock you. Household appliances don't like neglect of safety rules.

Professional advice is simple - follow the instructions strictly.

What to look for when buying

A brush with a straightening effect will become an indispensable tool in creating a chic look if you purchase a quality product. However, the modern market often presents unpleasant surprises in the form of fakes. First of all, we are talking about sales on the World Wide Web.

How to choose and buy a good thing?

If you need to order an online product in an online store, you should first study the related information. Typical mistakes when choosing household appliances, which are made by gullible customers - believe a bright picture and colorful description. The first rule of a successful purchase is to check the quality certificate. Is absent? Refuse the product for your own good.

There is no trust in online stores - popular models with a straightening function can be found in your city. Having seen a wonderful comb in a pharmacy or a store, it is advisable not to be content with the view behind the glass window, but to ask for a file to check for defects.

It is preferable to opt for the products of firms that have earned an impeccable reputation. The brand is heard? This means that the products will not disappoint. The best manufacturers always supply products for sale with detailed instructions, after studying which the buyer can orient himself and evaluate the quality of the model.

Of course, there are a lot of fakes on the market, shamelessly mowing down the proprietary equipment. To distinguish "cheap" is simple:

  • smell the product - high-quality models do not smell like plastic;
  • teeth without rubber attachments;
  • irregularities on the surface.

The most famous brands

Which company is better to buy a comb, the rating of companies that own a wide range of hairdressing equipment for hair beauty will tell you.

Most respected:

  • Philips;
  • Ga Ma
  • Beurer;
  • BaByliss;
  • Rowenta;
  • Remington;
  • Fast Hair Straightener;
  • Galaxy.

Straightening combs of these brands are widely used in beauty salons and home boudoir. Manufacturers have thought through everything to the smallest detail - from colors to designs, in order to win the hearts of the female half. It succeeded: rave reviews went about the hairdressing novelty. First of all, customers like the time savings with excellent results and safety. In addition, you can choose inexpensive but high quality products.

Rating of quality hair straighteners for 2020

An excellent top ten, preferred by professionals, looks like this:

10th place: GA.MA Innova Digital GB0101

Maximum heating temperature230 degrees
Designdisplay, cord rotation
Weight0.3 kg
Power cord length1.6 m
overheat protectionthere is

A simple and convenient device that can give your hair shape and shine in a matter of minutes. However, those ladies who expect to use the comb as a multistyler to dry, straighten and curl the curls will be disappointed. GB0101 has no multifunctionality.

GA.MA Innova Digital GB0101


  • Fast styling;
  • Low weight.


  • Straightens but does not twist.

9th place: Remington CB7400

Maximum heating230 degrees
Number of modes3
Designrotation of the cord
overheat protectionthere is
Power cord length1.8 m
Coating ceramic

The Korean manufacturer made sure that the scalp does not burn, and the curls are pleasing to the eye. Ceramic and keratin-enriched teeth work safely and efficiently.

Remington CB7400


  • For hair styling - three temperature settings;
  • The set includes a cover for a comb;
  • With auto power off.


  • Fine hair can suffer.

8th place: GA.MA Innova Mini GB0104

Maximum heating temperature 220 ºС
Designhanging loop,
rotation of the cord
Weight 0.21 kg
Power cord length 1.6 m
overheat protection there is
Coating ceramic
Number of modes 1

A delicate color is used for the design. White and pink. The material from which the body is made is lightweight plastic. However, the GA.MA comb has earned positive reviews not only for its design. The advantage is on the functionality side.

GA.MA Innova Mini GB0104


  • Compact;
  • With overheating protection.


  • Short cord, 1.6 m;
  • Static electricity remains.

7th place: Beurer HS 60

Maximum heating temperature 200 ºС
Design display,
hanging loop,
rotation of the cord
Additional Information 45 watts

"Even in wet weather, the hair is like a beauty salon!" - this is how the customers say about the styling. The German brand has been known for a long time. The company's products are valued as one of the highest quality products in the world market. However, there is a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey - the manufacturer strongly recommends using the product only on dry strands.

Beurer HS 60


  • Lightweight;
  • With a temperature regulator;
  • There is an ionization system;
  • Nice design;
  • Robust case.


  • Failed to identify.

6th place: Rowenta Power Straight CF5820F0

Maximum heating temperature200 degrees
Number of modes3
Features:display, cord rotation
Coating ceramic
Ionizationthere is
Cord length1.8 m

Usually, lovely ladies complain that they cannot find the right hair straightener for fine structure. “Which one is better to buy,” the angry ladies ask, “a device with low power does not straighten, with a strong one it burns.The comb from Rowenta is what you have been looking for! Design features of the rectifier: with ionization system, ceramic coating, several heating modes. The comb perfectly fits, smoothes and removes static.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820F0


  • Compact size;
  • The ability to control temperature;
  • 2 in 1: Perfectly straightens curls and removes static.


  • Not.

5th place: REDMOND RCI-2316

Maximum heating temperature 230 ° C
Indication inclusion
Design display,
hanging loop,
rotation of the cord
Weight0.36 kg
Power cord length 2 m
overheat protection there is
Coating ceramic

This position is occupied by a rectifier, which, according to customer reviews, is convenient to take on a trip due to its size.



  • Long cord with 360 degree turn function;
  • Fast heating;
  • Head massage;
  • Beautiful design.


  • The lettering on the case is quickly erased.

4th place: BaByliss HSB100E

Maximum temperature 200 degrees
Designrotation of the cord

One of the best inventions for beauty maintenance. With three types of prongs. Each row performs special functions: the outer teeth comb the strands, the inner ones straighten them. Ceramic "cloves" are heated.

BaByliss HSB100E


  • You can choose the temperature required for styling;
  • Does not dry out the roots;
  • Adds shine to the hair;
  • Can be used for curling.


  • Not for all hair types.

3rd place: Remington CB7480

Maximum heating temperature 230 ° C
Design rotation of the cord
Power cord length 3m
Number of modes 3

The product is expensive. Sold at a price of 6200 rubles. However, according to buyers, the quality deserves to be paid for.

Remington CB7480


  • Antistatic effect;
  • Non-scalding due to safe construction;
  • Long cord;
  • Nice design.


  • Not.

2nd place: GA.MA GB0103 INNOVA DUO

Maximum heating230 degrees
Energy consumption63 watts
Features:cord rotation, loop
Antistatic effectthere is
Antibacterial effectthere is
Digital displaythere is
Auto power offthere is

Externally - a curling iron, but with ceramic teeth inside the sole. Perfectly smoothes strands. An interesting technical solution: the ionizer is not inside, but outside the model, which allows you to achieve a greater effect.



  • Five heating modes. The maximum temperature is 150, the maximum is 230 degrees;
  • The strands are pressed tightly on both sides;
  • Lightweight;
  • With auto power off function.


  • Not detected.

1st place: Philips BHH880 StyleCare Essential

Heating temperature200 degrees
Indicationinclusion, readiness
Design featureshanging loop,
rotating cord
Dimensions75x350x48 mm
Power cord length 1.8 m
overheat protection there is

The black, extra-large brush and ThermoProtect technology with 111 heated bristles has become the favorite of women who want to be on top of their game. Good for home and travel. Diameter: 116x60.

Philips BHH880 StyleCare Essential


  • Convenient cord;
  • Selection of temperature conditions (170 and 200 degrees);
  • Able to smooth thick long hair that is difficult to style;
  • Low noise level;
  • Tourmaline coating.


  • Not detected.

How much does a quality product cost? You can buy it for a price ranging from 1,500 to 7,000 rubles. Multi-function combs are more expensive, while those that work just like a straightener are cheaper. Where to buy the best products? In salons and shops, connected by a supply agreement with the manufacturer. There are no fakes.

Budget options

Straightening combs, whose average price does not exceed a thousand rubles, have become very popular.

5 position: Scarlett SC-HS60605

Maximum temperature 230 degrees
Design display,
hanging loop,
rotation of the cord
Indication inclusion
Coating ceramic

Comb with nylon massage teeth perfectly massages the head without damaging the skin.

Scarlett SC-HS60605


  • Straightens curls well;
  • Creates volume;
  • With high quality coating.


  • Not.

4th position: Galaxy GL4631

Maximum heating temperature 230 ° C
Designdisplay, cord rotation
overheat protection there is
Coating ceramic
Additional Information 30W

The female audience on social networks does not skimp on flattering comments: "Beautiful, comfortable, how little time it takes to style!" Criteria for choosing a device: a combination of low price and excellent quality.

Galaxy GL4631


  • Suitable for styling long hair;
  • Sold at an affordable price;
  • Good functionality.


  • Heats up a lot, burns easily.

3rd position: Galaxy GL4633

Maximum heating temperature 210 ºС
Features: display, hanging loop,
rotation of the cord
overheat protection there is
Straightening teeth there is
Coating ceramic

The hairbrush with a special attachment, teeth for straightening, pleased the ladies, or rather, their hair. I especially like the price - about 600 rubles. At home, you can use Galaxy to create your own beauty salon.

Galaxy GL4633


  • There is a temperature regulator;
  • With auto shutdown;
  • Cord turnover - 360 degrees.


  • Not for all hair.

2nd position: CENTEK CT-2060

Maximum heating temperature 230 ° C
Indication inclusion
Designdisplay, cord rotation
Power cord length 2 m
Additional Information 65 watts
Coating ceramic

Stylish brush with ionization function - the leader in budget hairdressing tools for straightening strands.



  • Fast styling;
  • Straightens curls well.


  • Not seen.


Heating temperaturefrom 30 to 230 degrees
Temperature controlthere is
Rotating cord 360 gr.there is
Lateral protection teeththere is
Protective silicone insertthere is
Coating tourmaline

Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary massage comb. Lightweight, comfortable and functional, it captivated many women with its external simplicity, but at the same time with its power.



  • You can get your hair done in 5 minutes;
  • Relieves static electricity;
  • Safe thanks to tourmaline coating and rubber peas on the teeth;
  • Compact, you can take it with you in your purse.


  • Customers complain that temperature controls are in an awkward location.

Secrets of professionals

Over the years of practice, experts in the beauty industry have figured out very interesting things regarding hair straighteners. According to hairdressers, the popularity of models is growing not only because of the speed of styling, but also because of the beneficial effect on the hair.

It turns out:

  • If you use an electric brush every day, your hair will "learn" not to get tangled, and with time it will become smoother and more pliable.
  • Devices with an ionization system have a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair follicles. After "training" with a comb-straightener, the strands give in to styling much faster.
  • The electric "massager" heals the hair along its entire length.

By listening to the experts, it is easy to choose the right electric brush and use it wisely. So, you can look like a movie star every day without spending an extra minute on styling.

If you have experience with straightening combs, please share your opinion by leaving a comment.


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