Best cat breeds for 2020


Cats are considered one of the most popular pets. These animals are distinguished by their charisma, playfulness, docile character, and also attractive appearance. At the same time, cats, like people, each differ in their own character. When choosing a pet, it is very important to carefully study all the features of the breed so as not to be mistaken. To make it easier for you to decide, the editors of the site “” analyzed these amazing animals and made a rating of the best cat breeds for 2020.

Criterias of choice

It is problematic to understand all the varieties of "fluffy breeds" existing today, especially if a person has not previously encountered these animals. To date, various felinological clubs have recognized about 90 varieties of these pets.

When choosing, it is imperative to pay attention to how difficult it is to take care of a domestic inhabitant. If you do not want to spend your free time combing wool or pondering the menu, then it is best to give preference to undemanding cats, such as Siamese, Bombay, Egyptian Mau, Abyssinian, Oriental or Cornish Rex.

As practice shows, all long-haired animals require careful care, as they often shed. But, for example, hairless pets are often cold, so they require close attention and special scrupulous care.

If you are a passionate cat lover and want to devote a lot of time to caring for your pet, then you can take a closer look at the following breeds:

  • Persian;
  • the Don Sphinx;
  • Canadian Sphynx;
  • maine coon;
  • ragdoll;
  • Scottish fold.
Scottish lop-eared

When choosing a type of pet, be sure to consider your lifestyle. An important aspect is the atmosphere in the house and the life principles of the owner.

If a person is constantly at work and rarely at home, then those that do not require a lot of communication and care are suitable. Such animals must be self-sufficient in nature. The following breeds are distinguished by this feature:

  • British;
  • Egyptian Mau;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Russian blue;
  • munchkin.

Despite the fact that representatives of this species will never bother their owner, they will always welcome him from work with joy.

If there are small children in the house, then in this case one should choose from kind and flexible cats. Such animals should be patient and not show aggression even if the baby is naughty. For children, the American Curl, Neva Masquerade, Kurilian Bobtail, Manx, Norwegian Forest, and Turkish Bath are ideal.

For people living alone, pets with an affectionate disposition are ideal. They will definitely make up for the lack of communication and will gladly brighten up the evening with their purr. These animals include:

  • Bengali;
  • laperm;
  • Thai;
  • Burmese;
  • Japanese bobtail;
  • devon rex.
Devon rex

The listed species of cats are distinguished by their affection for their owner and adore attention. They will definitely bring extremely positive emotions and will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house.

For people who live in a private house, a cat-hunter would be an ideal option. It is such a pet that will help exterminate rodents. In this case, it is best to give preference to such breeds as American Shorthair, Siberian, Russian Blue, Kurilian Bobtail or Turkish Bath. Born hunters and rat-catchers will always stand guard over your home.

If you already have pets in the house, then in order to avoid conflicts, you should choose from friendly breeds, such as the Norwegian Forest, Peterbald, Thai, Japanese or American Bobtail.

When a cat is not only a pet for a person, but also a way of self-expression, it is best to start unusual breeds. In this case, the choice completely depends on the individual preferences and capabilities of the person. If you strive to ensure that others admire at the sight of a cat, then take a look at the following breeds:

  • munchkin;
  • American curl;
  • laperm;
  • devon rex;
  • Cornish Rex;
  • peterbald.

Representatives of these varieties are distinguished by an extraordinary appearance and at the same time an absolutely wonderful character. The main disadvantage of such animals is the high cost.

Recently, cats that look like wild ones have been very popular. They are mainly preferred by those who want to bring exoticism into their usual life. However, before deciding on such a pet, you should think carefully and weigh everything carefully. If you still want to get yourself just such a pet, then pay attention to the Bengal, Bombay breed, as well as the Ocicat or Savannah. With such animals, you will definitely be able to feel like in the jungle, since not only their appearance, but also their character contributes to this.

When choosing a breed, you need to decide in advance whether you need a pet to participate in exhibitions, for breeding, or just for joy and comfort in the house. In the first cases, special attention should be paid to the pedigree of the kitten.

The calmest cat breeds

Often people prefer to have cats of calm breeds. But this classification does not mean at all that such a pet will lie on the couch all day. But he will get along well with young children, with all family members and pets.


Very beautiful cats with luxurious thick wool and delicate, friendly, docile temperament. Representatives of this species are selflessly devoted to their master, he is for them the center of the universe. Ragdolls get along well with all family members and are sociable. The variety of cats is rightfully considered exceptional, as it ideally combines outstanding character traits and a noble appearance. Angelic eyes of piercing blue color, aristocratic appearance and unpretentiousness make these animals very popular. No wonder ragdolls are among the five most popular breeds in the world.

Kitten cost: from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles.


  • attractive appearance;
  • get along wonderfully with all family members;
  • are distinguished by their friendliness and peacefulness;
  • absolutely non-aggressive;
  • neat and tidy;
  • calm character.


  • vulnerability;
  • cannot stand loneliness;
  • develop slowly;
  • sensitivity.


Semi-long-haired color-point cats appeared relatively long ago. But, every year their popularity only increases. Animals of this variety are medium-sized. They are characterized by pronounced sexual dimorphism.

The appearance of these pets cannot leave anyone indifferent. Pronounced oval or rounded eyes with beautifully raised outer corners add mystery to the look, and their bright, almost blue color touches the most secret notes of the human soul. In addition to the incredible aquamarine color of the eyes, the Burmese cat is also attracted by their luxurious hair. The coat of this breed is very soft and delicate to the touch.

The Burmese cat is considered exclusively a domestic animal. She does not have any pronounced acrobatic skills, and her innate intelligence does not allow her to survive in street conditions. The animal's coat does not need careful maintenance. Cats are not picky about food.

Kitten cost: from 15 to 55 thousand rubles.


  • delicacy;
  • good breeding;
  • attractive appearance;
  • devotion combined with strong affection;
  • knowing of limits;
  • calm calm;
  • unpretentiousness in food;
  • good health;
  • wisdom.


  • not suitable for outdoor use.

British Shorthair

Representatives of this species will become truly excellent companions for people regardless of age. The British breed is medium to large in size and has a robust build. According to the existing legend, the Cheshire cat is considered the brightest representative of the breed. According to the opinions of people, it is the "British" who are considered the most common and in demand today.

Despite their massive physique, British cats are not devoid of agility and grace. Animals have aristocratic manners, as well as a light docile disposition. The character of the representatives of this species is calm and balanced. In addition, the owners note high communication skills and incredible patience.

Animals very quickly become attached to the owner and do not miss the opportunity to spend time with him. The representatives of the breed are very patient with children and do not mind playing with them. But, despite all these characteristics, the animal will never allow it to violate its own boundaries.

The British Shorthair is classified as an unpretentious animal that easily adapts to different conditions. Care comes down to basic hygiene and proper nutrition.

Kitten cost: from 2,500 to 30,000 rubles.


  • cleanliness;
  • friendliness;
  • unpretentious care;
  • attractive appearance;
  • docile and calm character.


  • the need for a balanced diet;
  • predisposition to certain diseases.

Maine Coon

Amazing, admirable Maine Coons leave no one indifferent. This native variety of American cats is distinguished by its impressive mass and large size. They are considered reliable friends and companions who quickly and easily win the love and recognition of all family members.

Maine Coons are rightfully considered the giants of the feline world. All these animals can reach 12 kg. But, despite this, cats are distinguished by wisdom and good nature. The animals are moderately calm, but at the same time quite serious. They are unobtrusive and value their own independence. They learn the habits of the owner very quickly and always try to adapt to them.

Kitten cost: from 15,000 to 95,000 rubles.


  • balanced and flexible character;
  • sociability;
  • friendliness;
  • unusual appearance.


  • high price;
  • impressive size;
  • the need for enhanced nutrition.

The best hypoallergenic cat breeds

In the modern world, people are often faced with the fact that, as a result of allergies, they cannot have a pet. Especially to solve such problems, special breeds were bred that do not cause allergic reactions.


Graceful and elegant cats with imposing appearance. They are rightfully compared with the creations of the sculptor. In addition, they are distinguished by high intelligence and loving disposition. If you dream of an unusual, friendly and playful pet, then you can confidently get yourself an animal of this breed.

Representatives of this species quickly and easily find a common language with all family members and domestic inhabitants. They never harbor resentment in themselves, but they feel special affection and give themselves only one master. The disposition of these pets is patient and easygoing.

Peterbald is considered to be a thermophilic cat, unable to live outside.Like other sphinxes, they simply adore walks in the fresh air. But before leaving the house, it is advisable to put on clothes for the pet. Animals are picky about food and have an excellent appetite.

Kitten cost: from 8,000 to 100,000 rubles.


  • attractive exotic appearance;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • playfulness;
  • good-natured disposition.


  • excessive talkativeness;
  • loud voice;
  • the need for careful skin care.

Canadian sphinx

Representatives of this variety are distinguished not only by their calmness, poise and docile nature, but also by the fact that they do not have a woolen cover on their bodies. Sphynxes belong to an elite representative of the feline family, therefore strict requirements are imposed on their appearance.

Canadian Sphynxes are distinguished by their benevolence and devotion to their owner. After appearing in the house, the animal quickly becomes attached to a person. Such pets do not tolerate a long stay alone.

Representatives of this breed never allow themselves to be aggressive. That is why these animals are preferred by families with small children. Parents can safely leave the animal alone with the baby. Representatives of this breed get along very well with other animals. Canadian Sphynxes are rightfully considered to be very smart pets, which easily get used to the tray, memorize commands and catch the intonation of their owner.

Kitten cost: from 9,000 to 30,000 rubles.


  • lack of wool;
  • a varied palette of colors;
  • friendly disposition;
  • good health;
  • high intelligence.


  • the need for clothing;
  • the need for careful care;
  • strong dependence on a person.

The most sociable cats

It has long been believed that representatives of the feline family prefer to walk "by themselves" and do not need the company of a person. But, despite this, there are cat breeds that are distinguished by excessive sociability and affection for humans. It is about such animals that we will talk below.

Cornish Rex

Having seen a representative of this species for the first time, it is simply impossible to refrain from admiring the animal. The attention is immediately drawn to the unusual appearance, wavy, soft coat and piercing eyes. In addition, animals also have a cheerful, docile nature. The pet will never refuse to play and spend time with its owner.

On the part of people, representatives of this species require attention and love very much when they are given time. Pets do not hesitate to express their love, and I do it with full dedication. In the arsenal of animals of this breed, there are many sounds and intonations that they are happy to demonstrate. Because of their excessive curiosity, cats will not disregard any corner of the house.

Kitten cost: from 10,000 to 100,000 rubles.


  • unusual appearance;
  • kindness and cheerful character;
  • easy care;
  • ease of education;
  • hypoallergenic.


  • do not tolerate loneliness;
  • high price.


Persian cats are considered one of the most popular and ancient species. Animals attract attention not only for their exotic appearance, but also for their excessive sociability. Persian seals are loving and not at all adapted to life in the street. Animals get along well with all family members, are distinguished by intelligence and restraint. Very easy to train. But, despite the many advantages, giving preference to this breed, you should be prepared for the fact that the maintenance of such a pet requires special attention. This is especially true of the woolen cover, which must be looked after carefully.

Kitten cost: from 5,000 to 50,000 rubles.


  • sociability;
  • attractive appearance;
  • docile character.


  • requires careful eye and hair care.

Exotic shorthair

Another common variety with an exotic appearance and a docile, outgoing character.In humans, representatives of this species are extremely tender and admirable. Huge surprised eyes, plush fur and flattened nose will not leave anyone indifferent.

Exotic shorthaired pets are very friendly in nature. They get along well with all family members, and demonstrate loyalty, devotion and affection to their owner. But sometimes, these cute animals can be too persistent and require special attention. They love communication and games. Pets of this species can easily find a common language with other domestic inhabitants. Loneliness is very bad. The pet is ready to endure any difficulties just to be in the company of its owner.

Kitten cost: from 5,000 to 70,000 rubles.


  • benevolence;
  • calm character;
  • attachment to people;
  • attractive appearance;
  • lack of aggression.


  • careful care of the coat is necessary;
  • little physical activity.

All the breeds of cats presented above will become wonderful pets and will bring extremely positive emotions to the owner. If you have got yourself a cat of one of the listed breeds or prefer cats of other varieties, share your opinion about them in the comments.


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