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How often do we face a problem when we need a lot of tools at hand in a hike or in nature. A knife, file, screwdriver, otkvashka, pliers are indispensable tools that are sometimes so necessary in the field. But taking with you everything that may be useful is so inconvenient. There is a way out! A multitool is a device that combines several instruments, has a small and compact size. The editorial staff of the site "" offers to your attention an article with a full description, advantages and disadvantages of popular multitools that will replace a full suitcase of various products with one accessory.


We all remember the popular Swiss knife. It was he who, in 1890, initiated the production of pocket tools that combine all the necessary elements to perform common household work. Have one item at hand that combines several more. It was the most popular gift for men at the time. But, Swiss knives had their limitations, as they remained, first of all, knives. Additional elements in the form of a screwdriver or pliers looked like a souvenir option and could hardly cope with household work.

It was only in the 1980s that an instrument was invented that fully combined several equivalent elements. Then the name multitool was first pronounced. Already in the modern world, multitools have been improved, a number of new elements have been added that did not seem possible at the time of invention.

Now in tackle shops you can find different multitool that are intended for different consumers.

Hunters, fishermen, cyclists, motorists, electricians, plumbers and just owners for home use can choose devices with completely different functions. It all depends on the type of activity and preferences.

Who uses the multitool?

The multitool is a universal thing, therefore it is suitable for use by absolutely everyone. A huge variety of models can be used both in everyday life and in hunting, fishing, tourism. Certain products are designed for a narrow group of consumers, for example, electricians have their own multitool that can strip the wire, have wire cutters, pliers. For climbers or professional tourists, accessories have been created that can cut through a thick rope, sling.

Standard models are suitable for everyday household problems. With their help, you can perform minor repairs or fix problems.

Most models are small, lightweight and will look great as a keychain.

Consider positions that are mainly found in classic models:

  • pliers for gripping parts of different shapes;
  • a familiar bottle opener, its tip can be used as a flat screwdriver;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • small scissors, they are suitable for cutting paper or other easily deformable materials;
  • nippers;
  • knife with different blades;
  • awl;
  • double-row saw.

As a rule, modern manufacturers make new models with a ruler on the handle. It is convenient and functional.

It should be noted that multitools differ not only in the number of equipped functions, but also in the size range:

  • products of a standard size, they are preferably bought by motorists, hunters, fishermen, tourists;
  • pocket, this is the most popular type among consumers who use it at home or carry it with them in a bag;
  • multitool card, this type is the smallest and does not have a standard range of functions, it has only the necessary elements that may be needed: a knife, an opener, a small screwdriver.

It is worth noting that you can use the multitool only when absolutely necessary. In other cases, it is better to use the full-size tools.

Manufacturing principle

The multitool resembles folding knives in its type, only it has a wider range of built-in tools. All items are collapsible and imported in the handle body. A multifunctional thing that will help you quickly fix a problem on the spot.

For the base, titanium or steel is most often used. These are durable materials that do not lend themselves to deformation.

The material for the manufacture of handles is wood or durable plastic. For added protection, manufacturers make blade retainers.

Again, despite the practicality and functionality, multitools are not suitable for complex and dimensional work. Remember that this product will help you with small and emergency jobs.

How to choose a tool?

Before purchasing a product, be sure to test it. The folding elements must be securely fixed. Pay attention to ergonomics. The handle should fit comfortably and securely in your hand. Each element must be removed, secured and folded back safely.

Really high-quality products should not open and fall out on their own. Well-known brands follow this factor when developing a product, as it is a guarantor of quality and safety.

It is better to choose steel or titanium as the blade base material. They guarantee a long service life without damage.

Rating of the best multitool for 2020

Many companies are engaged in the release of such products. These firms offer good quality models at a low price in the market. Our team has compiled a rating of the best priors that guarantee high reliability, comfort and quality. The list contains a detailed description of each model and their characteristics. The rating is based on the opinions and reviews of real consumers.

NameTool materialNumber of toolsPrice
Metabo 657001000stainless steel10699
Ganzo G109stainless steel101490
GANZO G202stainless steel241947
STAYER Professionalstainless steel12508
Tesla MT-05stainless steel121199
LEATHERMAN Super toolstainless steel198310

Metabo 657001000

It is a small pocket multi-tool that has a versatile and stylish design. This model is one of the most popular among consumers. The product has 10 functions. All elements are made of stainless steel. One handle contains 10 tools for permanent use. It will be useful for household chores, will become a lifesaver in a hike or forest. The handle is made of high quality plastic, does not slip and does not fall out of the hand. The volumes are so comfortable that they will fit even in the smallest purse or pocket.

It is worth noting the exit elements that are securely attached. The range of tools with which this multitool is equipped includes: a knife, wire cutters, a saw for wood, a screwdriver, an opener, a staple.

Each element has a recess for easy opening of the desired product.

Metabo 657001000


  • small size;
  • stylish design;
  • 10 tools;
  • suitable for household chores or for field conditions;
  • there are recesses on each element for easy access.


  • no protective fasteners;
  • no cover.

Ganzo G109

An excellent choice, for the money it is fully justified. This product is sold with an optional protective case. The blade is sharpened straight. Includes 10 folding elements. The blade material is made of stainless steel. The handle has an ergonomic shape made of steel.It should be noted that if the technology of hardening data is violated, the material can become capricious and brittle. Therefore, pay attention to the blade pattern. It must be cast. The weight of the product is slightly less than 300 grams, so it will fit perfectly into a purse or pocket.

The set contains 10 functions: knife, pliers, wire cutters, 3 types of screwdrivers, awl, bottle opener, canned food knife. This set is the most popular among consumers. In principle, this is all that is needed to be at hand.

And of course, one cannot fail to note the striking design. The handle has a red stripe along the entire length of the product. The body itself is finished in black and has a rough structure for better grip.

Ganzo G109


  • 10 functions;
  • protective cover made of nylon;
  • stainless steel base;
  • lightweight, only 300 grams;
  • bright and catchy design.


  • if the technological process is violated during hardening, the blade may be broken and not safe.


The GANZO G202 model is presented in a variant with 24 functions. This is a brutal multitool suitable for a true man. The product comes in a nylon case, with good protection. With its minimum weight of just 280g, it is ideal for any kind of use. The body is made of chrome steel, and all the tools are made from it. This model looks just amazing, stylish and fashionable. The material is protected from external damage and adverse environmental influences. The kit additionally includes tools: scissors, tweezers, 6 types of screwdrivers, 12 replaceable magnetic tips.

Another interesting fact is that the handle is enlarged according to the required functions. This tool is suitable for use for absolutely any master or owner.



  • 24 functions;
  • lengthening handle;
  • 12 magnetic attachments;
  • minimum weight;
  • stylish design;
  • chrome-plated steel base and blades;
  • protected from corrosion;
  • suitable for any kind of operation.


  • the tools are tight and difficult to reach.

STAYER Professional

A brutal multitool for real men. It is specially designed to satisfy all the needs of men when hunting, fishing or hiking. 12 different robust stainless steel tools that are perfectly sharpened at the factory. This helper will become a real savior in difficult field conditions. The device is so thought out by the developers that the ergonomic shape of the handle is securely fixed in a single position. It can be used for different purposes. The handle is made of steel, equipped with rubberized inserts that help keep the palm in one position. When buying, you must be provided with a protective case, it comes in a set. The cover is made of artificial leather. Its size is small. The tool can be put in a trouser pocket or a travel bag. The suite of functions is designed to overcome any challenge that occurs in nature.

STAYER Professional multitool


  • 12 tools included;
  • base material stainless steel;
  • ergonomic handle shape;
  • the base of the handle has a rubberized part that helps to fix the palm;
  • small size and weight;
  • suitable for use in any household situations;
  • there is a protective case included.


  • a man with thumbs is uncomfortable opening the blades.

Tesla MT-05

Stylish, fashionable, functional multitool. Tesla is very popular in Germany and creates quality items that will serve their owners for several years. The design of this multi-tool is designed to be foldable and easy to transport. The weight of this product is the largest, in contrast to other brands on our list, 430 grams. You can take such a multitool on a trip to nature, hunting or fishing - the best option. The kit will contain everything you need: a bottle opener, knife, file, can opener, pliers, pliers. The handle is made of aluminum, feels comfortable in the hand.

Tesla MT-05


  • quality product from a global manufacturer;
  • 12 functions;
  • base material stainless steel;
  • the handle has an anatomical shape.


  • the weight is quite large, although the tools have a weighty blade thickness.


The most expensive copy in our rating, and for good reason. This is one of the best multitool models on the market. LEATHERMAN is a world leader in the production of high and premium multitool. At the moment, this is the best manufacturer, which has the largest model range with different operational capabilities. This is a great working multitool that every man will love. As light as possible, only 300 grams, taking into account the fact that it has 19 functional elements. It can withstand even the most difficult work, taking into account its dimensions and weight category. Its most popular element is the pliers. The pliers have the function of changing carbide inserts. The set includes a Phillips and 3 flat screwdrivers of different sizes, a saw for wood, a long awl with a sharp tooth, knives.

It is worth noting that most consumers praise exactly 2 knives, which are well sharpened and do not grow dull, even taking into account long and busy operation. They handle hard materials, wood, bones. There is a knife for opening cans and a can opener. The model itself is made of stainless steel, which does not lend itself to external destructive factors. The steel is coated with a special compound that protects the material from corrosion. The set includes a genuine leather case. Manufacturers recommend storing the product exactly there, so as not to lose its presentable appearance.



  • the manufacturer is the world leader in the production of multitool;
  • high quality steel;
  • 19 elements;
  • genuine leather cover;
  • the knives are sharpened for a long time;
  • base material - stainless steel;
  • the product itself is coated with a composition, corrosion protection.


  • high price in the market.

A tool like this makes it possible to accomplish many different tasks with one product. Whether it's easy repairs, filing, trimming, twisting and much more. Depending on the purpose of use, there are different components of the product. Such a model will always be at hand and will be useful in any everyday situations.

High quality multi-tools, at a high price, premium class differ in quality from inexpensive models. Their metal quality is much higher, they do not require constant sharpening, do not overwrite. As a rule, protective cases of such models are made of genuine leather, which allows you to keep the product without damage, while looking impressive in your hand. Such multitool has the most complete set. One premium multitool can replace an entire suitcase of diverse tools. The high price can guarantee you high build quality. Working with such a product, you can not be afraid that some element will not withstand the load. This factor can guarantee the safety of its owner. This is how manufacturers confirm the high quality of the product.


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