Best body washcloths for 2020


What could be easier - buying a new washcloth? Often, the choice of an accessory goes like this: either the most inexpensive or the most beautiful copy is bought. Or easier - we wash with what went as a gift to the shower gel. Such a frivolous approach can cause various dermatological problems. On the contrary, a properly selected bath accessory will not only improve your mood, but also put your body in order.

The editors of the site "" will help you to understand the wide range of washcloths. We have written for you a detailed review of all types of products, provided it with recommendations for caring for the product, and also compiled a rating of the best products for 2020.

How to use a washcloth correctly


A washcloth, like laundry and a toothbrush, should be different for each family member. Personal.

After purchasing a new scrubber, be sure to rinse it thoroughly with warm water and regular soap. This will wash off all the "invisible" dust that might have gotten on it in production or in a store.

After each bathing, the product is thoroughly washed and dried. This will prevent mold or bacteria from developing in it.

You should not dry the accessory in the bathroom if the ventilation does not work well in it - the high humidity will prevent the product from drying out to the end. Better hang on a balcony, loggia or special dryer.

Also, do not dry the sponges on a radiator or the sun. Most of them, regardless of the material, break down faster from this, begin to crumble, and lose their shape.

It is acceptable to wash some washcloths in the washing machine. Most often these are soft, synthetic models. Choose a delicate cycle for washing. When pressed strongly, the products lose their shape.

How often to change

On average, synthetic options need to be changed every 5-7 weeks, natural ones - every 3-4 weeks.

How to wash properly

The answer to the question "How often to use a washcloth?" depends on its type, as well as your skin.

Do not use hard washcloths every day. So you not only injure the skin, but also greatly disrupt its water-lipid balance. The best option: 3-4 times a month.

There are many options for daily use: natural marine or foam synthetic sponge, soft braid made of plastic mesh, rose.

You can purchase several pieces or one, but combined, to be used for different purposes:

  • Use gentle, daily options to whip up the lather and remove dirt from the body.
  • More rigid - to do massages, scrub.

Interesting! If you want to combine business with pleasure, reduce body swelling, and tone the skin, try self-massage along the lines of the lymph flow. Do not go into the red zones (see diagram). For this, take a loofah of medium hardness and thoroughly rub the body. But do not overdo it - the touch should be pleasant. If the skin turns red, it means it's time to move on to the next section.

After showering or bathing with a washcloth, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer or lotion to the body. This restores the protective fatty film on the skin and also protects against moisture loss.


Despite the seeming "harmlessness", the use of a regular washcloth is fraught with many dangers. The list of contraindications for use contains the following:

  • Sensitive skin;
  • Dermatological diseases;
  • Large moles, papillomas on the body;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Damage to the skin;
  • Hypertension;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • Acute inflammatory diseases;
  • Pregnancy.

The rougher the product, the more careful it needs to be used.

Criterias of choice

Having figured out how, it turns out, it is correct to use such a familiar subject, let's move on to the main selection criteria.


The bathroom accessory can be of natural or artificial origin. Each type has its own pros and cons.


Hypoallergenic. The exception is sea sponge. It contains iodine, which can cause severe irritation of the skin. Dry for a long time.
Safe for the environment. They decay quickly, unlike synthetic analogs, they do not need processing.Short-lived, deteriorate quickly.
There are different degrees of hardness: from soft, giving only foam, to scrubbing and anti-cellulite.
Suitable for massage.
Let air through.
They do not emit toxic substances at high temperatures.

Consider the most commonly found materials for creating a washcloth on the market.

  • Hemp

These are fibers from the stems of technical hemp. Durable, rough to the touch.

Serves for a long time.Very tough, can scratch the skin.
Foams well.
Resistant to water, even salty water.
Suitable for lymphatic drainage massage.
Well tightens the skin, making it elastic.
Helps get rid of cellulite.
  • Loofah

A product made from dried fruits of a plant called "mad cucumber".

Durable.Before bathing, soak for 15-20 minutes in hot water.
Long lasting.Rough.
Provides high-quality, deep skin cleansing.Not suitable for children, as well as those with problematic or delicate, sensitive skin.
Helps fight orange peel.
Pronounced lymphatic drainage effect.
  • Lyko

The sponge is knitted only from young, thin and very soft linden bark.

Suitable for children.Dries for a long time.
Doesn't hurt sensitive skin.It falls apart quickly into small pieces, it can clog the drain. Better to use in a bath.
Natural antiseptic.Few places for sale.
Anti acne effect.Foams poorly.
Heals wounds.Rarely found.
  • Birch bark

Similar to the bark version, birch is made from young, soft parts of birch bark.

Long lasting, moisture resistant.Cost.
Pleasant aroma.Rarely on sale.
Suitable for children.
Doesn't hurt sensitive skin.
It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Has a massage effect.
Deeply cleanses pores, successfully eliminates acne.
Helps fight orange peel.
  • Linen

Strong ribbons, gloves or mittens made of linen fabric relieve the body of minor irregularities, peeling, making the skin silky and soft.

Serves for a long time.Not.
Durable material.
Produces rich lather.
Absorbs water well.
Does not cause allergies.
Soft scrubbing effect.
Light massage function.
Stimulates blood microcirculation.
  • Sisal

These super-stiff washcloths (usually gloves or mittens) are woven from the sturdy fibers of agave leaves.

Long lasting.They form little foam.
Tones up, tightens the skin.It is necessary to soak for a long time in boiling water.
Relieve puffiness.
Helps against orange peel.
  • Sea sponge

Delicate, delicate and pleasant sponges are made from marine animals of the families Spongia officinalis, Hippospongia communis.

Suitable for children.They quickly deteriorate.
Soft.Are expensive.
Forms a rich lather.It hardens after drying.
Suitable for sensitive, problem skin.
Antibacterial effect.


These washcloths are made from a wide variety of materials - foam rubber, polyester, rubber, polyethylene threads, and other artificial materials. There are various shapes, textures, rigidity and colors.

Let's list the main pros and cons of synthetic washcloths.

Suitable for children.They quickly deteriorate.
Soft.Are expensive.
Forms a rich lather.It hardens after drying.
Suitable for sensitive, problem skin.
Antibacterial effect.

Now let's figure out the characteristics of the most common types of synthetic washcloths.

  • Foam sponge

One of the most popular bathroom accessories found in any supermarket.

A variety of shapes, colors, sizes.They quickly deteriorate, crumble, break.
There are specimens of any hardness.Dry for a long time.
Produce a rich lather.Bright, "flashy" sponges, painted with low-quality dyes, can cause allergies.
There are combined options - one side is hard, the other is soft.
  • Washcloths-roses

Lovely plastic flowers have earned their popularity both for their attractive appearance and functionality.

Inexpensive.They easily lose their original shape - unwind, tear.
Lungs.Do not scrub.
They take up little space and can be taken on trips.Do not massage.
Foam well.
Dry quickly.
Do not injure the skin.
  • Washcloths

Invented in the 60s of the 20th century in Japan, they gained wide popularity around the world. The product is a wide towel made of strong nylon threads. Now Japanese towels are sold both on Internet sites and in regular stores like FixPrice.

Comfortable.Newbies may find it uncomfortable at first.
There is an opportunity to choose for your skin type - there are both hard and soft.
Long lasting.
Soft peeling effect.
Light massage effect.
They have special additives in the composition for gommage.
  • Polyethylene scouring tapes

An extreme peeling option for normal skin, but excellent for rough skin.

Convenient form. They often come with handles or laces.They are rarely of high quality, they break quickly.


According to the degree of rigidity, all products are divided into five types:

  • Soft;
  • Average;
  • Hard;
  • Super hard;
  • Combined.

The hardness depends on your skin type. If you are not sure about the choice, go for the soft or combination option. This way you are less likely to injure your skin.

Shape, color

The washcloth color and shape are also important when bathing.

For example, bright, cheerful lips in the shape of animals are perfect for washing those babies who do not like or are afraid to swim. And a soft washcloth-mitten made of a bike or terry cloth will speed up the washing of children up to a year.

Size matters and depends on which parts of your body you want to wash. As well as your habits and health. Small models are good for local hygiene and massage treatments. For example, a small sponge is enough to cleanse or scrub your face. Anti-cellulite sponges are also usually small and fit easily in the palm of your hand.

On the contrary, large models in the form of ribbons, towels, braids allow you to quickly wash all parts of the body without showing miracles of flexibility and without risking slipping. This feature makes such washcloths convenient for the elderly or people with limited mobility.

All kinds of loops, strings, handles significantly increase the ergonomics of the product - it will not slip out of your hands and will not be lost under water, you do not need to bend over it. In addition, the washcloth suspended by the loop dries faster.

Selection errors

  • Ignoring contraindications;
  • Use of a body washcloth to wash the more delicate skin of the face, armpits;
  • Ignoring the peculiarities of the dermis - its type, sensitivity, tendency to allergies, problematicity.

Top manufacturers

The best brand is the one that produces reliable, safe and beautiful products. Asking the question "Which company is better to give preference to?" we hope to find among many manufacturers those who use only high-quality raw materials for their products, adhere to state standards in production. In addition, their products are well received by customers.

We conducted a detailed analysis of the cosmetic accessories manufacturers market and formed a list of the best:

  • Banika (Russia);
  • Beauty format (Russia);
  • CAN DO (China);
  • Faberlic (Russia);
  • Forster's (Germany);
  • Kelebek (Turkey);
  • Kokubo (Japan);
  • OH: E (Japan);
  • Paterra (China);
  • Silva (Russia).

Rating of high-quality body washcloths for 2020

We offer you an overview of the highest quality as well as popular models with comprehensive descriptions, pros and cons. The list includes products for every taste and wallet - there are options here, both synthetic and natural, hard and soft, expensive and budget.

Kelebek Kese padded mitten

Turkish soft mitten "Kese" gently and gently cleanses your body, making it smooth and radiant. Suitable for normal and sensitive skin of the face and body.

Use on well-steamed skin, without gel or soap.

Average price: 155 rubles.

Kelebek Kese padded mitten


  • Budgetary;
  • Qualitative fabric composition - cellulose, silk fibers;
  • Well tailored;
  • You can pick up an instance with a different stiffness.


  • According to buyers, the accessory does not fit well on the hand, it slips.

OH: E Awatime hard (100 cm)

A washcloth-towel measuring 22 × 100 cm scrubs the skin well, without injuring it. The size and shape of the product allows you to wash all parts of the body, even the most difficult to reach, such as the middle of the back.

Average price: 319 rubles.

OH: E Awatime hard (100 cm)


  • Lightweight, compact;
  • Massages, relieves muscle fatigue;
  • Makes the dermis smooth.


  • Not.

Forster's Massage Striped (000195)

Linen German sponge in the form of a ribbon will give you unforgettable minutes in the bath or shower: gently cleanse the skin, effectively massage tired muscles. Two reliable, large handles allow you to hold the tape firmly on both sides, which makes it possible to scratch the backrest well, as well as other hard-to-reach places.

Average price: 896 rubles.

Forster's Massage Striped (000195)


  • Can be used with or without soap;
  • Can be used dry;
  • Anti acne;
  • Mild scrub.


  • Cost;
  • Not suitable for sensitive, injured skin.

Paterra Sauna (408-042)

A small double-sided rectangular sponge will provide daily high-quality skin care: the soft side will allow you to soak up the foam, and the hard side will make the skin smooth and silky.

Average price: 69 rubles.

Paterra Sauna (408-042)


  • Cheap;
  • Forms a lot of foam;
  • Combined - can be used for different parts of the body.


  • The soft part quickly deteriorates, begins to crumble;
  • The soft side quickly loses color and becomes faded.

CAN DO body round with sponges

A delicate, fashionable powdery shade, a round washcloth made of polyethylene mesh with delicate foam hearts inside will keep anyone's company: a cute baby dreaming of a schoolgirl's first kiss or a romantic young lady. For harsh male romantics, the manufacturer has a green version of the sponge.

Average price: 133 rubles.

CAN DO body round with sponges


  • Inexpensive;
  • Soft;
  • Forms a lot of foam;
  • Does not injure the skin.


  • Not.

Beauty format sisal mitt (45216-7961)

With the help of a medium-weave sisal fiber mitt, you can easily make high-quality self-massage, get rid of edema, and improve blood microcirculation. Regular (3-4 times a month) application will significantly soften the rough skin on the elbows and heels. Combined with diet and exercise, the product effectively fights cellulite and stretch marks, bringing you closer to your dream figure.

Average price: 230 rubles.

Beauty format sisal mitt (45216-7961)


  • Weaving quality;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Comfortable, fits well on the hand.


  • Not.

Kokubo MEN`s Fish

A stylish Japanese thing for true sea lovers.

Average price: 162 rubles.

Kokubo MEN`s Fish


  • Produces a lot of foam;
  • Dries quickly;
  • Combined;
  • Deep peeling;
  • Suitable for lymphatic drainage massage;
  • Withstands t up to 90 ºС.


  • Despite its cute appearance, not suitable for children;
  • Not for sensitive or problem skin.

Faberlic glove

A sturdy nylon washcloth can help clean up your skin, prepare for an important event, or unwind after a tough week.

Average price: 130 rubles.

Faberlic glove


  • Available in three colors - purple, green, orange.
  • Well exfoliates the stratum corneum.


  • Small, may not fit on a man's hand.

Banika Provence, linen

Round, textile models are specially designed for those with sensitive skin. The set contains two products: a small one for the face and a large one for washing the whole body. Easy to wash, not deformed.

Average price: 290 rubles.

Banika Provence, linen


  • They serve for a long time.
  • Sewing quality.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • They make the face and body smooth and soft to the touch.


  • Inconvenient, small loops.
  • Foams poorly.

Silva natural (SW 272)

Rigid loofah scrubber made from environmentally friendly raw materials. Due to its small size (13 × 8 cm) it fits comfortably in the hand.

Average price: 170 rubles.

Silva natural (SW 272)


  • Rough.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Deep peeling.
  • Relaxing massage.


  • Small loop.

How to make a loofah with your own hands

If you don’t like the assortment of washcloths in the store, or if you love handicrafts, try making one yourself. Here are some ideas.

  • You can knit (crochet or knitting) the canvas with elongated loops. It is best to use polypropylene yarn for this. It is strong, bright, safe. Free of foreign unpleasant smell. Does not injure the dermis.
  • Glove. Take a small piece of fabric - silk, linen, cotton. Make a pattern - just circle your hand, make the necessary allowances of about 0.5-0.7 cm, transfer to the fabric, cut out, overcast. Sew, turn out, close seams. Sew on a buttonhole if desired.
  • Birds, animals, stars, letters, numbers - all this can be cut out of thin foam rubber using a sharp clerical knife. An example of a craft in the photo below.

Where can I buy

You can buy a washcloth both in online stores and offline supermarkets or small outlets with cosmetics and household chemicals. The advantage of "live" shops is that you can touch the goods, tactilely assess the rigidity. But when buying over the Internet, time is saved.

A loofah made of unusual, rare materials is also easier to find on the Internet - on social networks, on thematic sites, message boards. What to look for in this case? Look at the seller's reputation, his rating, read reviews. Pay attention to how long the seller or firm has been in existence. Don't trust ephemeral ones. Examine product photos.


We hope our recommendations will help you choose a quality bath product and get even more bathing pleasure.

If you already have experience with one of the bath accessories discussed in this article, or you know a more attractive model, share your impressions or tips in the comments.


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