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Perhaps the most popular and favorite type of recreation among the male population of the country is fishing. Even winter and cold weather are not able to prevent this. There is such a way of fishing as with a feeder rod, and for this you need to have a special feeder. The editors of the site "best.techexpertolux.com/en/" have prepared for you an overview of the best feeders for the feeder for 2020.

What is a feeder

In simple terms, this is a device for distributing bait in water for fish. The appearance of such a device can be completely different, it all depends on what kind of fish this feeder will be intended for.


There are currently a variety of models on the market that a fishing enthusiast can purchase. The type of feeder determines its ability to distribute food, as well as the casting distance.

If fishing takes place on a body of water where there is a current, then it is better to choose the following options:

  • Spiral or springy models;
  • Keg-shaped models;
  • Round plastic feeders;
  • Methodical.

Spiral model

In appearance, it looks like a spiral, and in its center there is a rod in which the sinker is located. This type will be an excellent option when fishing in lakes, bays or ponds. The advantages of this model are its simplicity, good aerodynamic properties, as well as the speed of bait spreading.


This model is made of metal, usually used when fishing in stagnant bodies of water. There are several options for the feeder on sale, these are with and without plugs. This item is easy to use and has good aerodynamics.

Made of plastic

Included with these feeders are longitudinal planes. This is necessary so that the tackle can easily overcome obstacles and hit right on target.


On sale you can find two types of such devices. They differ in their shape - round and triangular. It is best used in calm waters, as they will not resist if currents are present.

How to use correctly

For calm waters

Fishing in calm waters has its own characteristics. Such water is mainly found in ponds and small lakes. In such conditions, due to the lack of flow, the bait does not spread. In such water, a spot of bait forms, which attracts the catch when added to it aromatic additives. However, due to the calm water, this process takes a long time. In order to improve this indicator, you can apply the geyser effect. Effervescent tablets are placed in the feeder itself, which will help spread the bait faster.

The best choice for fishing in calm waters is a spring. It is worth noting the fact that it is necessary to fill the feeder tightly enough with bait, so that when the loops are released, the mass remaining in the feeder is ejected faster.

Also, do not forget about aromatic additives to attract fish. Some of the species react to sweetness, while others like the smell of garlic.Such components should be added in small volumes.

When fishing on the current

It is best for fishing in such conditions to choose devices that will not be able to roll along the bottom. An excellent solution would be a product of rectangular, triangular or semicircular shape. Because of rolling on the bottom, the leads get tangled, and then this will have no effect.

It should also be borne in mind that in the presence of a strong current, the bait will quickly wash out, and you will have to fill the feeder itself much more often. If you use a container type model, you can immediately deliver all the food to the bottom, while not attracting the attention of small fish in any way.

Long-range fishing

To use feeders at a distance, it is necessary to take into account such a parameter as weight. Such products must have an increased mass, and this does not depend on the presence of a flow or its absence.

It is best to use frame types or the classic cell version of the product.

Casting technique

Before you start fishing, you need to feed the points you have selected and tested. Rocket-shaped feeders are best suited for this. Their peculiarity is that the load is in the front part, which, when casting, allows you to avoid losing the bait and delivers it exactly to the target.

To properly feed a place, you need to master a stable casting technique. How to achieve this:

  • Please note that the usual "off the shoulder" method will not provide you with the required accuracy and will not allow you to deliver your feeder to your desired location. It is best to cast from the chest.
  • It is better to hold the rod in two hands, with one hand holding the butt and the other holding the end of the handle. And you need to hold the line with one finger.
  • The form must be in a strictly upright position near the fisherman's bow.
  • It is necessary to partially straighten your arms, and at the same time try to tilt the rod back at the same time. You should not miss the moment of control over the holds on bushes or vegetation on the shore.
  • A very important point is that the swing of the rod must be performed with acceleration. To do this, in its final stage, with the vertical arrangement of the blank, sharply pull the butt towards you. This will provoke a sharp jolt at the end of the cycle.
  • The line should be released at the moment when the rod has an inclination forward and an angle of 35 to 45 degrees to the horizon.
  • At that moment, when the feeder flies, you should raise the rod vertically and tilt it sharply forward when the feeder reaches the water. This will avoid a sharp jerk, which in most cases will lead to the clip breaking.
  • At the same moment, it is worth closing the coil.

Casting in this direction is a big part of the success of feeder fishing.

Rating of feeders for reservoirs

Flagman Flat feeder LARGE

The fourth line among the models is taken by a product from a Russian manufacturer. This is a set of two feeders that have different volumes for loading feed. Such a device can help feed the fish for successful fishing. Best suited for calm waters.

It has a unique design, due to which it plunges vertically to the bottom. This will allow the stern to sit at the top, thereby ensuring maximum fishing performance.

Has sufficiently strong ribs, and their location makes it possible to attach a nozzle boilie. Then the aerodynamic characteristics of the device will improve, which also affects the accuracy.

Suitable for already trained fishermen, since the line goes through the feeder itself, and experience is required to use it effectively.

The average cost of a set is 390 rubles.

Flagman Flat feeder LARGE


  • Two feeders;
  • Boilie attachment;
  • Attractive cost.


  • For indoor fishing only.


We give the third line to the X-FEEDER PL GLASS TURBO MIDDLE model. The product has large cells, which results in good feed yields.Due to its design (curved bottom and ring weight) it has good flight performance and a quick ascent.

This makes it possible to adjust the casting accuracy even in those reservoirs where there are large thickets.

It has massive lugs, which gives it the ability to stably stay at the bottom. Even strong currents will not move the product. Has a wear-resistant coating, which leads to the absence of glare and increases its resistance to mechanical damage.

The average cost is 220 rubles.



  • Good flight performance;
  • Low cost;
  • No glare.


  • Fast feed delivery.

Colmic Distance Net Feeder 30 32 3.6

On the second line, we placed the feeder from the Italian brand, although it is produced in China. This feeder allows you to deliver high-quality feed when casting at any distance. Experienced fishermen are advised to use this model in calm and stagnant waters. Or on rivers where there is practically no current. Carp and bream most often live in such places.

The feeder holds feed well and there is no need for frequent cutting of the rig.
perhaps the most important advantage of this feeder is that it can be easily used for long-distance fishing. Has anti-corrosion treatment.

The average cost of a feeder is 230 rubles.

Colmic Distance Net Feeder 30 32 3.6


  • Attractive cost;
  • Long distance use.


  • Light enough.

Orange hand flat method

We give the first place to the product Orange Hand Flat Method. It has several forms of release with different weights from 30 to 60 grams or from 70 to 100 grams. It is noteworthy that regardless of the mass, the dimensions of the feeder itself remain unchanged and equal to 51x28 mm. Only the thickness of the metal sole changes in such a device.

In appearance, this design is similar to home slippers, where only one side is open. Through the open part, the feeder is filled with various types of complementary foods and cereals.

Due to the absence of stiffeners, it is possible to install the boilie anywhere, only the place is determined depending on the diameter of the boilie itself.

What makes this attachment stand out from the rest is that even a beginner can use it. Since the kit already comes with a standard swivel, which makes it easy to fix the cord.

The main feature is the closed side. There are only 6 holes in the device itself, which contributes to the gradual washing out of the complementary food, even when it gets very wet.

If you only use expensive feed, this will save you on them, due to the low consumption.

The average cost is 120 rubles.

Orange hand flat method


  • Low cost;
  • You should not buy a mold;
  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Gradual washout of feed.


  • With poor compaction of the feed, it can fly out when thrown.

Rating of feeders for fishing on the current

IVVA Ivva Sport

The third line is occupied by the Ivva Sport model. This feeder belongs to the category of heavy, its weight is 100 grams. Suitable for throws at medium distances, up to 80 meters.

Thanks to the smooth base, it is possible to compress the bait well and thus ensure a gradual distribution of feed. The model has a cylindrical shape, and the mesh is made of steel strips, thereby providing increased strength.

The product has a good quality powder coating to protect the metal from corrosion, which is very important since the device is constantly in water. It has a black color, which makes it possible to disguise the nozzle at the bottom of the lake. Good for fishing where there is current.

The model has load carriers, in the amount of 6 pieces, which allows it to calmly remain in one place. The monolithic design makes it possible not to collapse the entire structure with a strong and sharp sweep.

IVVA Ivva Sport


  • One-piece metal construction;
  • There are 6 lugs;
  • Attractive price.


  • Large splash in shallow water leading to frightening off fish.

FC Vegas Oval large 80g

We give the second place in the rating to a model that can be used both on reservoirs with a strong current and in calm water. Its difference from many representatives of our rating is that it is made of plastic.

There is a built-in swivel, as well as an increased capacity for laying food with oval-shaped holes. You can load groundbait of different fineness fractions.

A distinctive feature is the presence of wings for improved aerodynamics. This, in turn, contributes to accuracy and increased casting distance. This model has its own characteristics and will be practically indispensable in fishing conditions. Due to the fact that it is plastic, it provides almost instant ascent to the surface.

You can use this feeder when fishing for carp. This suggests that it can be used in overgrown areas, where many other products may have problems with the loss of tooling.

The average price is 100 rubles.

FC Vegas Oval large 80g


  • Pops up quickly;
  • The presence of aerodynamic wings;
  • Increased accuracy of the throw;
  • Use in overgrown areas.


  • Not identified.

Rig sport

The first line belongs to the Rig Sport model. The structure of this model resembles a cylinder, which consists of seven rings made of metal, and also reinforced with bridges. It is made entirely of metal and has a loop at the end to fix the cord.

The base in the trough is recessed into the frame, which allows it to withstand shocks against water well. The release form allows you to choose the appropriate weight category for you. The spread in weight is from 40 to 100 grams. This will allow you to fish from 60 to 120 meters.

A special feature can also be considered the fact that the center of gravity of the device is shifted, and this makes it possible to make accurate throws without twisting.

It is colored black and thus becomes almost invisible at the bottom and thus does not give glare when exposed to sunlight. This color helps the fish not to notice the body itself, but focuses only on the spreading food. There are load hooks that allow the device to stay in place and prevent it from completely sinking into the muddy bottom.

Due to the fact that the frame is made as a net, the feed is well retained inside the trough and its gradual release is ensured.

According to the experts, it is best to apply this model to a large current.

The average cost is 85 rubles.

Rig sport


  • No mold required;
  • Cast one-piece construction;
  • Economical;
  • Affordable.


  • There is no swivel.


Regardless of where you want to use such a technological method of fishing, you should pay attention not only to the design of the feeder, but also to the entire set. It must be balanced and matched to the conditions of the specific fishing area.

For example, if you are sure that the bottom is muddy, you should choose a model with foam balls that can keep the hooks afloat, since even the most expensive model will not be able to catch fish with hooks that are submerged in the mud.

It is also worth remembering that this is the most difficult way to fish. Even experienced fishermen cannot do well with this type of fishing right away.


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