Best professional makeup brands for 2020


Our life is inconceivable without cosmetics, almost every person uses it to one degree or another. Gradually more and more women and men abandon ordinary store cosmetics, preferring to purchase professional products. For a successful purchase, it is important to know how to choose the right product. The editorial staff of the site "" offers an overview of the best brands of professional cosmetics for 2020.

Types of cosmetics

Many buyers are interested in how professional cosmetics differ from shop cosmetics. To understand this issue, you need to understand what cosmetics are. The entire assortment on the market can be conditionally divided into several groups.

Mass market class

This group includes most of the Russian-made products. It is marketed through retail outlets and online stores, as well as through catalog sales. Its functionality consists in daily skin and hair care that does not have any particular problems. The popularity of economy class models is due, first of all, to the fact that they are inexpensive. However, they have significant disadvantages: not too high quality and cheap packaging material.


These are hair and skin products that are sold exclusively in pharmacies. The products of this group are manufactured, as a rule, by pharmaceutical laboratories; increased requirements are imposed on their safety. The manufacturer promises the buyer a certain therapeutic result, while you should be aware that the term "pharmacy cosmetics" is not official. The current certification methods confirm the safety of the product, but cannot guarantee its effectiveness. The average price for “medical cosmetics” is about the same as for mass-market products.

Luxury class

These are premium products designed for regular home use. The products are sold in specialized boutiques; they are distinguished by high-quality ingredients and expensive packaging. It is certainly good, however, not everyone can afford it. In addition, it should be understood that a significant contribution to the cost of goods is made by advertising costs.


This group includes products aimed at treating various cosmetic problems and known in professional circles. The use of such products requires certain knowledge and strict adherence to the operating instructions. Some professional products cannot be found on the market, they are intended only for cosmetologists working in beauty salons and specialized centers. Manufacturers carefully control the quality of their products: they undergo testing, clinical trials and are subject to mandatory certification. Its price is much lower than for luxury products, while it is not inferior in quality to expensive products.

Pros of professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetic products are a profitable purchase for maintaining youth, health and beauty. Compared with other groups of funds, it has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • a large percentage of the content of active ingredients;
  • numerous clinical studies and testing;
  • safe hypoallergenic composition;
  • lack of addictive effect;
  • inexpensive packaging.

What to look for when choosing

A wide range of cosmetic products is presented on the modern market: goods of the middle price segment and expensive, domestic and imported products. To figure out which product is better to buy, it is advisable to study the rating of quality products, read reviews on the Internet, and also take into account the following selection criteria:

  • Skin type. A professional product, unlike a store product, takes into account the individual characteristics of the skin and is designed to solve certain problems. You should purchase cosmetics after consulting a beautician who will select the right product.
  • Composition. Professional products must contain a high percentage of biologically active compounds of natural origin.
  • Manufacturer. Many consumers do not know which company product is better to buy. To avoid mistakes when choosing, it is advisable to purchase cosmetics from proven and reliable brands. The development of professional cosmetics should be carried out by specialized pharmaceutical companies or scientific laboratories. The best manufacturers involve dermatologists, chemists and other specialists in the creation of products. Before buying, it will be useful to visit the official website of the company you like to study the range and description of the offered products.
  • Quality. Before buying cosmetics, it is imperative to require the seller for certificates confirming its safety, quality and effectiveness.
  • Price. Of course, the question of how much a product costs worries many people. However, it should be understood that a professional tool is usually more expensive than an ordinary one. By purchasing a cheap product, the buyer runs the risk of running into a fake.

Best professional makeup brands for 2020


Estel Professional

Estel is a young St. Petersburg company producing budget hair care products. The trade mark was founded in 2002, but, despite its short existence, it managed to win the love and trust of consumers. The company offers a wide range of products, but hair dyes have remained the most popular among them for many years. Estel products are sold not only in Russia, but also in Germany, Ukraine, Poland and other foreign countries. The firm has its own research laboratory, training hairdressing centers and author's beauty salons located in St. Petersburg. Popular top models and actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya participated in the advertising of the products.

Example: Estel Professional Princess Essex cream hair dye 60 ml costs 129 rubles.


    • compliance with international standards and regulations;
    • excellent result;
    • a wide range of;
    • a huge palette of shades;
    • pleasant aroma;
    • can be used at home;
    • affordable price.


  • some products contain ammonia.


This is one of the few domestic brands that have earned recognition all over the world. The trade mark has existed since 1994 and offers a variety of face and body skin care products: creams, masks, serums, tonics, lotions. The goods are produced on Italian equipment from the best domestic and foreign raw materials, dermatologists and cosmetologists are involved in their development. Premium products are used in beauty salons and medical institutions.

Example: A set of Premium Homework Restavrator products (30ml day cream + 30ml night cream) for the face costs 1526 rubles.


    • high concentration of active biocomponents;
    • excellent effect;
    • the best reviews from cosmetologists;
    • there is a line of products for home use;
    • rich assortment;
    • the funds are adapted to the Russian climatic conditions.


  • high price for some products.

Ollin Professional

It is a Russian brand offering high quality hair cosmetics at affordable prices.According to buyers, the company is one of the best domestic manufacturers. In 2010, the brand became a laureate of the prestigious National Award "The Choice of Professionals". The products comply with international standards and are not tested on animals. For its manufacture, foreign raw materials and modern equipment are used. Ollin products are often used in the film industry to prepare actors for filming and professional stylists in beauty salons.

Example: Conditioner OLLIN Professional Megapolis Black rice costs 437 rubles.


    • 7 product lines for different purposes;
    • own patented developments;
    • environmentally friendly and safe materials;
    • excellent quality of raw materials and finished products;
    • a great alternative to expensive cosmetics made abroad;
    • ease of use at home.


  • high price for some funds.


L'Oreal Professionnel

France occupies a leading position in the production of cosmetic products largely thanks to the L'Oreal brand. The legendary French company has existed since 1907, it ranks second in value after the large oil concern Total Fina Elf. L'Oreal has 5 of its own R&D centers and spends a significant portion of its revenue on advertising. The company owns many brands: professional (Kerastase, Redken, Matrix), luxury (Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent), as well as budget (Maybelline and Garnier). The company offers a wide range of products for styling, dyeing and hair care.

Example: Professional remedy for hair loss L'Oreal Professionnel Aminexil Advanced costs 1,782 rubles.


    • powerful research base;
    • advanced technologies and modern equipment;
    • rich selection of goods;
    • high-quality and safe composition;
    • availability.


  • high cost of some goods.

Janssen Cosmetics

Janssen Cosmetics is a world-famous German company that launched its first line of professional cosmetics in 1997. The assortment includes products for all skin types: creams, scrubs, masks, peels, tonics, decorative cosmetics. They are used in spas and beauty centers in 70 countries around the world. Janssen Cosmetics preparations belong to the group of "cosmeceuticals", many of them have a healing effect and are able to fight the most difficult aesthetic problems: acne, premature aging, rosacea.

Example: Janssen Mature skin Skin Contour cream 50 ml costs 2660 rubles.


    • superior quality and efficiency;
    • natural and safe composition;
    • increased concentration of active ingredients;
    • medicinal properties;
    • can be used at home.


  • high price.


Spain is not as famous for its cosmetic developments as France, however, there are popular brands in this country that offer decent professional products. For example, the Spanish company Sesderma, founded in 1989, produces high-quality products with a wide range of applications. Cosmetics with an enriched composition meet international requirements and standards and successfully fight against age-related changes, acne and pigmentation. The list of products includes 3,000 products for body, face and hair, and leading dermatologists and cosmetologists are working on their creation.

Example: Sesderma Factor G Renew Eye contour cream for the area around the eyes 15 ml costs 2490 rubles.


    • worldwide fame;
    • impeccable quality;
    • products with a healing function;
    • pleasant texture of funds;
    • beautiful packaging.


    • not sold in every store;
    • high price.


Italy is famous for its cosmetic market, one of its brightest representatives is the Davines trademark, founded in 1983. Italian cosmetics of this brand are also known in Russia, they are used by top stylists and cosmetologists. The company does not test its products on animals and follows strict environmental standards.The range of products includes a variety of styling and hair care products, the most popular being the OI line based on oils. Davines cosmetics can be purchased at specialized retail outlets, as well as through the branded network of beauty salons.

Example: Davines Natural Tech Purifying shampoo for dry or oily dandruff costs 1,380 rubles.


    • contains only natural ingredients;
    • strict production control;
    • increased concentration of biologically active substances;
    • innovative developments that have no analogues;
    • does not contain hazardous chemicals;
    • the assortment includes not only care, but also medical products.


  • high price.


American cosmetics NYX is one of the most demanded in the USA; stylists use it at prestigious fashion shows. The brand offers tools for makeup artists, makeup for lips, eyes, face, body, and nail polishes. The company does not test products on animals, in 2012 it received an award from the animal protection organization PETA.

Example: NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette costs 1,378 rubles.


    • affordability;
    • wide range of shades;
    • regular appearance of new products;
    • discreet classic design;
    • natural composition.


  • some buyers complain about the fragility of the makeup.



The Israeli company Moroccanoil has gained worldwide fame for its professional hair cosmetics, the main component of which is the valuable argan oil. Many famous actors and show business stars use the brand's products. In 2011, Moroccanoil cosmetics became available to the Russian consumer. It is sold only in beauty salons, delivery is carried out through an official distributor, therefore, unfortunately, it cannot be purchased at a retail outlet or through an online store.

Example: Moroccanoil Hydrating shampoo 250 ml costs 1240 rubles.


    • high rating in the professional environment;
    • instant effect;
    • innovative formula;
    • impeccable quality;
    • a guarantee of the originality of each product.


    • sold exclusively in elite beauty salons;
    • high price.


Mizon is a Korean company that develops professional skin care cosmetics for men and women. The brand has its own research centers in Japan, France and Switzerland. Its products are sold in the USA, Europe, Russia and the CIS countries. The brand became famous for its developments, one of them is a snail cream containing 90% of biologically active substances and having a moisturizing and regenerating effect.

Example: Face cream with black snail extract Mizon Black Snail All in one Cream costs 450 rubles.


    • affordability;
    • hypoallergenic and safety;
    • natural ingredients (volcano ash, snail mucin, glacial water);
    • a large selection of products for all ages and skin types;
    • raw materials from reliable suppliers;
    • more than 15 patents.


  • on sale there are goods with non-Russianized packaging.

Bb Laboratories

Bb Laboratories is a professional Japanese cosmetics and medical products for face, body and hair care. The brand has gained worldwide fame thanks to developments in the field of anti-aging cosmetology. The products contain bioactive substances from the placenta, extracts of medicinal plants, hyaluronic acid, phytoestrogens.

Example: Bb Laboratories placenta extract 50 ml costs 16349 rubles.


    • safety for humans and the environment;
    • balanced composition;
    • rare ingredients;
    • instant results after the first application;
    • fighting skin aging.


  • high price.

In conclusion, we remind you that it is advisable to choose any professional cosmetics with the help of a beautician. It should be purchased only in trusted beauty salons or from official distributors. If you have experience of using the products of the brands presented in the review, or other cosmetics, tell us about it in the comments.





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