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In polyclinics, catering establishments and beauty salons, you can see germicidal lamps. Doctors turn them on according to the schedule and expose all patients / clients from their offices. The food workers turn on the lamps 3 times during a work shift. Portable or stationary, compact or oversized, they fight against pathogens, various viruses and mold.

For medical and food institutions, a bactericidal lamp is mandatory, its absence will lead to heavy fines for the head of the enterprise, and with regular bad tests, it will lead to closure.

The editors of the site "best.techexpertolux.com/en/" have selected and described germicidal devices that are often bought for public places and can also be used at home.

Lamp appearance

The germicidal lamp is a lighting device, a long glass tube. Sometimes it looks like a similar daylight, but has different modifications. Made of special glass, the edges are carefully sealed, and the insides are filled with mercury vapor. After switching on, the lamp starts to glow with ultraviolet light. It is not recommended to stay in a room with the device turned on.

Devices are often suspended from ceilings or walls. Outwardly, they cannot always be distinguished from fluorescent lamps. Only when they are turned on, they emit violet light, and also the characteristic smell of the device being turned on comes out.

For what purpose are germicidal lamps used

Food service providers must provide safe (and delicious food) to their customers. For this, the room must be clean, all products must be stored at certain temperatures and, accordingly, undergo preparation before serving. But in addition to the product, the surfaces with which the product comes into contact, as well as walls and even air, must be carefully processed.

You can disinfect in various ways:

  • hot water wash, above 600FROM;
  • ferry;
  • chemical agents;
  • bactericidal lamp.

All remedies are good and should be applied in kitchens. Prevention of spoilage of products, their seeding with pathogenic microflora is successfully provided by a bactericidal lamp.

The rays must fall not only on food, but also on inventory and packaging materials. After all conditions are met, the product can be considered sterile.

Beneficial features

The direct purpose of the lamp is disinfection. The rays destroy viruses of influenza, other respiratory diseases, and salmonellosis. The devices are also used for medicinal purposes. Physio rooms have a separate procedure. Doctors prescribe it for skin diseases, colds of the ear, nose and throat.

Types of lamps

Devices are classified for safety.Previously, it was strictly forbidden to be in a room where "bactericidal" was on. Modern models are not so dangerous, glass and reflectors allow you to stay indoors with the lamp on.

By the type of radiation, devices are divided:

  • open, finding people is strictly prohibited, most often these are stationary models rigidly fixed to the ceiling or wall;
  • shielded, suggest a short stay of people. The light from the lamp falls on reflectors and then spreads throughout the room;
  • closed, used in ventilation systems, used for preventive purposes.

Lamps also differ in the type of attachment or installation in offices or workshops. For a long time they were attached to the ceiling and turned on from a common shield. Now there are floor-standing germicidal lamps. This type is most often used in medical institutions.

Floor mobile lamps can be rolled from the office to the ward or in the kindergarten from the group to the gym. They are plugged into any outlet and set on a timer, so it is easier to control the disinfection time.

Hanging forms are attached to the walls. They can be hung over the work surface. Lamps have different designs, different colors. Those matched to the color of the walls or equipment practically do not stand out. Ceiling options have been little used in recent years.

Another mobile option is desktop. The most popular option for home use. You can use it daily in the kitchen or during seasonal harvesting. When a newborn is in the house, you can decontaminate the living room and bath. After application, the room must be ventilated.

The main feature of the lamp division is safety:

  • ozone, are included strictly in the absence of people and animals, ozone in combination with air forms destructive rays;
  • ozone-free, safe for people in the room, a special shell does not transmit ozone and does not form UV rays.

Principle of operation

All appliances consist of a lamp with mercury inside. Once connected to the power supply, the mercury is converted to vapor. They start to glow and emit ultraviolet rays.

The lamp itself is enclosed in an uviol glass bulb. It is this type of glass that does not let harmful short rays through, which have a detrimental effect not only on harmful bacteria, but also on all microorganisms living around.

Combustion accounting

At the production facilities, a burning log is required. What it is for Every lamp has a lifetime. When buying, each lamp comes with a passport indicating the technical characteristics, as well as the burning time standard.

Many in magazines or accounting sheets indicate only the burning time of the lamp, for example, from 7-15 to 8-15, the burning time will be 60 minutes. But accounting must be kept from the final burn. On the package, the figure is 40,000 hours. It is from this denomination that the combustion should be started.

After reaching the zero mark, the lamp must be changed. The useful life has expired and there will be no effective fight against bacteria. At enterprises this is strictly monitored.

How to choose a germicidal lamp for your home

Earlier, such irradiators were purchased home for therapeutic purposes, they did warming up for ENT diseases. As well as skin problems. But now many people acquire bactericides to fight bacteria in kitchens or children's rooms, especially if a newborn has appeared in the house.

Home most often buy desktop or portable models. They do not take up much space, and the power is optimal for small spaces. You can disinfect a refrigerator or cupboard. Also, in the off-season, you can install the lamp in the wardrobe, before putting things away for storage.

Before buying, you need to know a few indicators:

  • the area of ​​the room, the efficiency depends on it;
  • the power of the device itself;
  • are there conditions to install the device and comply with the operating conditions;
  • how often the device will turn on;
  • whether people will be in the room during the operation of the irradiator;
  • it is possible to thoroughly ventilate the room after disinfection.

Before the first use, you must carefully study the instructions, pay attention to the technical characteristics and especially to the burning time. Do not exceed the recommended annotations.

Devices can be in a plastic or metal case, the first option is lightweight both in weight and price. The metal is more durable and durable.

Some germicidal kits contain 2 lamps at once. It is not recommended to buy such a unit at home, it is suitable for large rooms.

For a home germicidal irradiator, additional functions are desirable, for example, a display, a timer, a light on. This facilitates the operation of the device and makes it work optimally.

Where to buy a germicidal lamp

You won't be able to buy a serious appliance at a hardware store. It is better to do this in shops at city sanitary stations. There, everyone will tell you about disinfection and help you choose a lamp for the requirements and conditions of the client.

Another option is in stores or websites of various laboratory and medical equipment. There are online stores that specialize in disinfectants. There is a good selection of lamps in all respects, as well as consumables.

Safety engineering

Germicidal lamps must be used strictly according to the annotations in the technical data sheets. Modern irradiators of different designs and power, and it makes no sense to turn on everything for 8-12 hours. For many, 15-20 minutes is enough to disinfect a room.

When turning the device on and off, wear glasses to prevent eye burns. The best option would be to make a switch outside the room in which disinfection is performed.

During device operation, it is prohibited to:

  • look at the operating unit, touch it with your hands;
  • sunbathe;
  • turn on the lamp if seriously ill people are in the room;
  • plug the device into faulty sockets.

After turning off the bactericide, the room must be ventilated. Many irradiators emit a specific odor during operation, by which they recognize that the device is turned on.

Benefit or harm

Sanitary doctors note the good performance of germicidal lamps and insist on installation in all branches of the food industry, as well as in medical institutions. Doctors conduct examinations before disinfection and after the lamps are lit, take air samples for sterility, as well as washings from surfaces.

Despite the obvious benefits, improper operation can be very harmful to a person. Even with a short stay with the lamp on, you can get burns.

Rating of bactericidal recirculators-irradiators for 2020

Laboratory specialists can evaluate the quality work on air and work surfaces disinfection. They take swabs and conduct research in bacteriological laboratories.

Ease of use, functionality is appreciated by users who regularly use lamps at home, in factories or in medical institutions.

The rating is based on feedback from all users and experts. Technical characteristics, lamp material, disinfection time were evaluated.

Armed CH111-115

It is a multifunctional irradiator-recirculator, which is suitable for use not only at home but also in office premises. This exquisite design model is designed to effectively eliminate dangerous microorganisms, germs and is a quality assistant in the fight for air purity. The device has absolutely no negative effect on people and pets.

The manufacturer produces Armed CH111-115 in 3 colors, so that it will fit into any style of room. The device cleans the air from pathogens of the most common diseases, such as acute respiratory viral infections, colds, etc. The device also destroys dangerous microorganisms, creating a harmless and healthy atmosphere in apartments, offices and other premises of this type.

The recirculator fan, which guarantees the movement of air in the tube, has a low noise level.That is why this device can be installed in any room - in the nursery it will not disturb the child's sleep, and in the office it will not distract from the focus on work.

The recirculator we are considering is made in a strict design, so it will perfectly complement both home and office style. At the bottom of the case there is an indicator of the working life of the lamp, which reaches 8000 hours of continuous use.

The irradiator is made in a high-strength metal housing, therefore it is highly durable. It, in addition to protecting the lamp from damage in the event of a fall, also does not allow UV rays to enter the external environment. The manufacturer produces a recirculator in 3 colors.

The device we are considering is classified as a medical device, which is confirmed by all the necessary documentation available from the manufacturer.

The average price is 11,000 rubles.

recirculator Armed CH111-115


  • the body is made of metal;
  • the presence of a lamp life indicator;
  • suitable for offices and home use;
  • exquisite design of the device, available in 3 colors;
  • effectively fights against dangerous viral and microbes;
  • does not even have the slightest negative effect on people and pets;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • is a medical device and has all the necessary documentation.


  • not detected.


Price: from 1620 rubles.

Continuous working time: 6 hours

Overall dimensions: 145x145x300 mm

Irradiation power at a distance of 1 m: not less than 0.75 W / m

Disinfection device of open type, when switched on to the bactericidal mode, people should not be in the room. Optimum sized lamp for living rooms. The tabletop version can be installed on the kitchen table or changing table in the nursery. Well suited for small rooms of cosmetology clinics.

bactericidal lamp Crystal


  • good disinfection performance;
  • destroys pathogenic microflora;
  • fights well against viruses and bacteria;
  • can be used as a lamp;
  • the device is lightweight, only 0.5 kg.


  • when connecting to the network, you must use light-protective glasses;
  • Not suitable for large rooms.


Price: from 1990 rub.

Overall dimensions 26 * 14 * 13 cm.

Time of continuous work: in cyclic mode: 8 hours, 30 minutes of work - 15 minutes break.

It has several modifications and is used for medicinal purposes. The OUFK model in the kit has attachments for irradiation of certain organs: the nose, larynx or small skin areas. The set includes safety glasses, they must be worn by the patient during the procedure. Treatment is prescribed by a physiotherapist in clinics or sanatoriums.

For home use, the top panel is removed and the device is used to disinfect the room.

bactericidal lamp Sun


  • mobile, portable device;
  • you can buy a spare lamp and replace it yourself;
  • therapeutic effect.


  • no timer;
  • interferes with radio and television.

Irradiator Ultramedtech OBN 450P-03

Price: from 13210 rub.

Overall dimensions: 54 * 54 * 11.2 cm.

Open-type mobile lamp, can be switched on in rooms without people. The powerful 2-lamp illuminator fights a variety of viruses and bacteria, often used in surgery rooms. Metal case with polymer coating.

Irradiator Ultramedtech OBN 450P-03


  • powerful;
  • maneuverable wheels, the feed is easy to move;
  • long service life.


  • high price;
  • large, not suitable for apartments.


An ultraviolet irradiator suitable for installation in various rooms of categories 1 and 3. The power of the equipment is 2x30 W. This is a high-quality open-type irradiator, which differs from other representatives of this type in its energy efficiency.

For greater reliability, the manufacturer has equipped the device with a housing that shows high resistance to corrosion. The manufacturing company extends a 5-year uptime warranty.

The average price is 250 rubles.

ultraviolet irradiator OBN-150-S KRONT


  • Low cost;
  • Destroys malicious elements;
  • There is an hour counter;
  • Power.


  • Not found.

Longuevita ECO mini

An excellent device that will prevent the spread of mold, viruses, etc. malicious elements. Suitable for indoor use up to 8 cubic meters. The main advantage of the device is that it has a double effect of ozone and UV rays. Due to its small size, the structure can be used at home or in the office.

The work takes place with the help of special batteries, which also affects convenient use, since you do not have to constantly wear an extension cord to connect. Thanks to the ozone effect, the device will eliminate any unpleasant odors.

The average price is 4,500 rubles.

Longuevita ECO mini


  • Destroys mold, mildew and unpleasant odors in a minimum period of time;
  • Compactness and convenient transportation;
  • Operating time from one battery - 8 weeks;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Double exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


  • High price.


One of the best quartz irradiators, which is suitable for physiotherapy treatment, as well as for quartzing rooms. Production is carried out at the Russian plant. Popov. The device is designed as a compact product that can be used in public and private medical institutions, as well as at home.

The set contains special tubes that can be used for the prevention of ENT diseases. Use the lamp in an empty room. The duration of the work is 30-40 minutes.

The average price is 5,990 rubles per set.



  • Treatment of rhinitis, runny nose, etc.;
  • Disinfection of the premises;
  • Good equipment;
  • Reliability.


  • High price.

Foton OB-3

This germicidal emitter will destroy every harmful bacteria and virus, making the room safe for various operations or receiving patients. The product is small in size. Suitable not only for professional use, but also for home use.

The average price is 2,300 rubles.

bactericidal emitter Foton OB-3


  • Low price;
  • There is a timer;
  • The lamp can be installed in a standard base;
  • Effective air disinfection;
  • The lamp has been in operation for 8000 hours.


  • Not found.


A high-quality open-type device that will help cleanse the premises from various bacteria. During quartzing, the presence of people in the room is not permissible. The structure is fully mobile and lightweight, which allows it to be placed on any site.

The device cleans rooms up to 40 square meters. The total power is 30 watts.

Sold at a price of 3,200 rubles.

irradiator OBNP 2


  • High-quality assembly;
  • Reliability;
  • Power;
  • Cleans up to 40 sq. m .;
  • Light weight.


  • Not found.

Recirculator Armed CH111-115


Price: from 4090 rubles.

Overall dimensions: 410х110х105 mm.

Lamp in a metal case, on a mobile base. The manufacturer can change the complete set, before buying it is necessary to clarify how the device is moved or mounted. The stand is not included. "Bactericidka" works well in medical institutions with a large crowd of people. Also available in a plastic case and in different colors.

Recirculator Armed CH111-115


  • easy to operate;
  • can be turned on in the presence of people;
  • long cable;
  • the panel indicates the burning time before replacing the lamp;
  • wall-mounted or stand-mounted.


  • makes a little noise;
  • slightly dries the air.

Recirculator mobile Medigez MSK 909

Price: from 5400 rubles.

Dimensions: 63 x 30 x 13 cm.

The metal body, comfortable stand and modern design make the device a decoration of the cabinet. At the same time, the recirculator lamp does an excellent job of disinfecting the air in operating rooms and maternity wards. Complete with 2 lamps.Safe for people, can be installed in indoor playgrounds, school classrooms, assembly halls.

bactericidal lamp Medigez MSK 909


  • when used in workplaces and classrooms, the incidence of seasonal colds is reduced;
  • convenient lamp change;
  • light indication of on / off.


  • not found.

Pozis RBK-1

Price: from 11100 rubles.

Overall dimensions: 40.6 * 29.1 * 15.3 cm.

The compact wall-mounted illuminator is suitable for home use. Can be used in the presence of people and animals. You can order a complete set on a stand.

bactericidal lamp Pozis RBK-1


  • stainless steel body;
  • electronic control;
  • effective.


  • expensive.

Aerolife S-75

Not a bad recirculator designed for high-quality air purification from pollution. In a few minutes of using this product, the room will freshen up at times, it will become pleasant and safe for a person to be there. Power consumption - 43 watts. Works with an area of ​​up to 30 square meters, which is suitable for most premises.

An ultraviolet lamp is present that kills a large number of bacteria. The noise level is 32 dB. Dimensions - 540x140x140 mm, with a mass of 1.9 kg.

The average price is 12 550 rubles.

Aerolife S-75


  • Reliability;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Cleans the room;
  • Low noise level;
  • There is a UV lamp.


  • Cost.

Kronte Désar - 801

A quality product designed for cleaning rooms of 3-4 categories. This makes it possible to place it in all medical institutions. One 25 W lamp acts as the main source of radiation. The fan noise level is 45 dB. The manufacturer extends a warranty up to 2 years. The kit contains 12 replaceable filters.

Sold at a price of 5,200 rubles.

Kronte Désar - 801


  • The lamp life reaches 8000 hours;
  • Two-year warranty;
  • Degree of disinfection - 95%;
  • Suitable for hospitals;
  • Low noise level.


  • Not found.

Rating of the best germicidal lamps for 2020.

Osram HNS S 7W G23

An excellent lamp for both home and professional use. It is used in many areas, including medical institutions. Shows an excellent result in cleansing the room from harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

The average cost is 430 rubles.

Osram HNS S 7W G23


  • Low cost;
  • Excellent room cleaning;
  • Simple to use.


  • Not found.

Philips TUV 15W T8 G13

A branded product that excels in efficiency and cost. The light bulb contributes to the instant destruction of most of the dangerous microelements and viruses. Suitable not only for installation in stand-alone air purifiers or medical institutions, but also for drinking water purification, installation at home, for placement in a ventilation system.

Sold at a price of 2,000 rubles.

Philips TUV 15W T8 G13 [


  • Qualitative cleansing from various bacteria;
  • Reliability;
  • Trouble-free work;
  • Helps fight all viruses;
  • Universal application.


  • The price is high for an open type lamp.

ANC 170/70

A premium lamp designed more for government healthcare. It is rare in the ordinary sphere. The power is equal to 125 W, while the total service life, compared to standard models, is increased by 50% and is 12,000 hours. The location is universal.

The average price is 7,600 rubles.

lamp ANTS 170/70


  • High operational life;
  • Made of quartz glass;
  • Power;
  • Ceramic base.


  • High price.

LightTech LTC 15 T8

A quality Hungarian product that disinfects the premises, cleansing it of harmful organisms. The base used is G13. The shape of the bulb is standard (T8), the maximum lamp voltage is 49 V, while the initial power is 15 W, which is typical for similar models.

Sold at a price of 580 rubles.

LightTech LTC 15 T8


  • Reliability;
  • Universal base;
  • Low price;
  • Strength.


  • Only on order.

Aervita T8 UVC 15W

A double ended gas discharge lamp that has low pressure and radiation that can kill any bacteria and microorganisms. The peculiarity of such devices is that they can be used in the room where they work or study. Duration of operation - 9000 hours.

Sold at a price: from 170 rubles per piece.

Aervita T8 UVC 15W


  • Efficiency;
  • Good term of work;
  • Low price;
  • Special glass structure.


Not found.


An excellent device, but only suitable for use in specialized equipment. The life of the product is 6,000 hours. The lamp power is only 9 W, which is sufficient for use in small spaces. Base - G23.

The average price is 1,100 rubles.

lamp DKB-9


  • Quite good technical characteristics;
  • Efficiency;
  • Small size.


  • High price;
  • for illuminators only.

T12 LIH ULC 115W R G13 L1199

Reliable German model suitable for use in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The protective coating ensures high-quality radiation at a constant level. The lamp is designed to kill germs and bacteria on any surface. Product power - 115 W.

The average price is 3 420 rubles.

T12 LIH ULC 115W R G13 L1199


  • Renowned manufacturer;
  • Quality;
  • Durability;
  • Efficiency;
  • Disinfection of premises and water.


  • Price.


The choice of lamps is very large. The rating lists the most popular models that are often bought and are trusted by consumers and healthcare professionals. In the article, we tried to figure out what kind of lamps are and how they work.

Until recently, disinfection devices were rarely seen at home. But modern devices are compact and at the same time very effective. It is not difficult to buy, hang on the wall and periodically turn on, and there are many benefits in the form of reducing diseases.

It is better to buy lamps from manufacturers or on sites that specialize in the sale of similar equipment. Managers know all the characteristics and descriptions and will be able to find the best options for your conditions.

A clean house is a guarantee of the health of its inhabitants. It is difficult to wash the whole apartment every day, but turning on the germicidal emitter is a matter of a few seconds and you get an apartment without bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms.

Have you had experience of using a germicidal lamp? If yes, then share your impression of using it in the comments.


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