How to Choose a Quality Blanket Best Manufacturers for 2020


A person spends quite a lot of life in a dream. For the body to really rest, you need to choose the right not only mattress and pillow, but also a blanket. When choosing the last attribute of sleep, many are guided only by size. The editorial staff of suggests paying attention to the material of the cover and filler. The rating of the best manufacturers of blankets, divided by classes into "Lux" and budget, will help in choosing.

Common quilt fillers

The home textile market offers a huge range of products. They are produced by numerous manufacturers, so the choice of blankets is very difficult. The following fillers are common for this type of home textile:

  • Down - allows air to pass through, but retains heat;
  • Wool - adapts to a person, does not overheat;
  • Camel wool - highly valued for its durability, it is considered the most comfortable.

Sintepon and other artificial fillers do not have good thermoregulatory properties. It can be very cold under a padding blanket, or vice versa, hot. Artificial filler is closely related to the natural temperature of the body, therefore it quickly cools or heats up.

Faux-filled blankets are often recommended for the summer season. The only positive quality of such products is durability. The greatest unpretentiousness in the care of natural fillers is wool. Woolen products are allowed to be washed and dried independently.

In order not to buy a low-quality product, you should focus not only on the price and appearance, but also on the manufacturer. Inappropriate bedding will have low hygroscopicity. This effect will cause overheating, and sometimes poor-quality textiles cause severe allergies. The following list of luxury companies will help you navigate the diversity of the market.

Rating of "Lux" class manufacturers

Domestic market leaders are a huge empire. The enterprises unite several factories, warehouses, have their own ateliers, a widespread network of boutiques. Among manufacturers who are picky about the quality of their own products in the first place is the company


For the production of high-quality products, the enterprise has acquired the latest equipment. Highly qualified specialists were invited to create modern blankets. Due to the updates, product prices have become quite high. Some of the cheapest models of the Libero line can be found on the market at a price not less than 7 thousand rubles. But this product also features an innovative cover. According to the manufacturer, the fabric contains silver ions. The model complies with European safety standards, suitable for home care.

blanket TOGAS


  • Amazing quality;
  • compliance with all standards;
  • detailed care instructions;
  • solid reputation of the company.


  • Not.

German grass

The second position in the rating of luxury companies is given to the manufacturer from Austria. Luxury goods are sold through a rich gurney, where there are light, off-season and winter models. Even the warmest blankets from this company are light and airy.The manufacturer declares about special tailoring of its products.

Quite a lot of volume is purposefully left for the down in the covers, so the Austrian blankets perfectly warm even in the coldest weather. In addition, the products are distinguished by their original design, which is carefully developed by experienced company representatives.

German grass Family Tengel Bio - an off-season eucalyptus blanket that is sold at a fairly affordable price is highly popular. The manufacturer claims an exclusively natural and hypoallergenic basis, which has bactericidal qualities. A blanket with optimal thermoregulation is sold for about 6,600 rubles.

blanket German grass


  • A unique offer at an affordable price;
  • original appearance;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • warm and airy down inside.


  • not.


A renowned manufacturer that has been on the market since 1991, has a very rich experience in the processing of down feathers. Most of the products in the catalog are made from this filler: goose down and feathers. Original covers for filler are provided: with handles.

Kariguz products are most often chosen for gifts. For example, Baby Dreams models are popular, and there is a Smile collection for teenagers. There are three standard sizes for the adult collection.

Despite the fact that the models are downy, they are light in weight and pleasant to the tactile sensations. The filler does not show up over time, even at the seams of the blankets. For high quality you will have to pay a pretty round sum - from 8-9 thousand rubles.

blanket Kariguz


  • Convenient and beautiful, suitable for transportation;
  • lightweight and comfortable;
  • wide range of sizes;
  • there are separate lines for children and teenagers.


  • Overpriced.


Domestic manufacturer, included in the luxury category from Rostov-on-Don. The company especially carefully monitors the safety of the filler, which is processed with antiseptics on certified German equipment.

Fabrics for products are used only imported, wear-resistant. Blankets have a refined, discreet appearance. For example, the Australian Wool model is quite elastic to the touch. The filler does not shrink even after dry cleaning. The pattern of the cover is textured. Blanket quilted with silk thread, cotton cover, natural. The cost of the product is 6-9 thousand rubles.

duvet NATURE'S


  • Naturalness;
  • variety of standard sizes;
  • country shopping prevalence;
  • Beautiful products, perfect as a gift.


  • Not.


The manufacturer creates elite textiles, has been known on the market for about ten years. In Russia, the manufacturer's products take prizes at various exhibitions. Down models deserve special attention. For blankets, eider down is used, which is characterized by increased lightness. The density of the products is 600 g / sq. - not every European manufacturer shows such results.

The eider is considered to be ideally adapted to the harshest arctic conditions; the blankets can withstand operation in temperatures down to -50 degrees. The company produces several standard sizes. Natural satin is used for the covers.

blanket VALTERI


  • Excellent heat retention;
  • absorbs excess moisture;
  • high strength and durability of products.


  • High cost.

The incredible variety of materials allows manufacturers to experiment with bases and fillers with amazing results. In addition to such natural raw materials as bird fluff, sheep or camel wool, such options as:

  • Bamboo;
  • eucalyptus;
  • linen;
  • cotton.

Synthetic models based on holofiber, silicone, etc. have not lost their relevance. For the choice of buyers, it is important to meet the optimal requirements and wishes.

Rating of manufacturers of budget-class blankets

If the price of a model from the previous rating is high, we advise you to consider options from the following list.


Quite a dynamic company that is actively developing in the domestic market. The company's products are of high quality, unique style and affordability. Bedding is produced in a wide variety.

The company cannot be separated into any segment, since the range includes wool blankets, cotton products and duvets. The cost of products varies depending on the filler. All blankets are subject to strict controls. The products are actively distributed both wholesale and retail.

For example, the model of the company "Golden Fleece" is popular. At first glance, the product seems too thin, but it heats well, all-season. The products are suitable for home care, can be easily machine washed, after which they do not lose their original appearance. The cost starts from 1500 rubles.

Ecotex blanket


  • Products are approved by customers;
  • variety of products;
  • availability;
  • relevance.


  • Not.


Domestic manufacturer of inexpensive blankets. The products are distinguished by their practicality, pleasant tactile sensations. Only natural fabrics are used in the creation of branded textiles. Despite this, the prices for goods are quite democratic. For example, a baby blanket "Camel" can be purchased at a price of 1900 rubles. The model is light, natural, will warm you in severe frosts, sewn very carefully. An adult model with the same filler will cost the buyer 3000 rubles.

Slowback blanket


  • There are only good reviews on the products on the net;
  • the quality of the products is really decent;
  • blankets are natural.


  • Not detected.


Despite the name, the manufacturer is domestic. It also cannot be attributed to any segment, since the assortment of goods is quite diverse. Models are varied both in types of covers and fillers. The catalog contains both natural and artificial options.

For example, the Arctique model is 70% cotton and 30% synthetic. Thanks to the optimal combination, the product retains its appearance for a long time. But due to the natural fibers, the product is quite heavy. But for cold regions, the model is optimal, it is warm and cozy. The cost of the product starts from 4000 rubles.

blanket Primavelle


  • High quality firmware;
  • non-rolling filler;
  • warm and thick;
  • big variety.


  • quite significant severity of natural down models.


The company is one of the most successful newcomers to the market. CH-Textile has been selling blankets not so long ago. The enterprise is distinguished by the use of know-how in production. The company's specialists successfully translate bold products into reality. The most modern equipment is provided for work.

The company's catalog contains quite a lot of various models that can be purchased at reasonable prices. In addition to the classic beige and white colors of textiles, the assortment includes bright original models with modern prints. For example, a sheep wool model has good reviews. It is declared all-season and is sold at a price of only 1100 rubles.

Another popular model made of bamboo filler, summer, is sold for only 1000 rubles. The manufacturer, however, does not indicate the ratio of natural raw materials to artificial, information is completely lacking.

blanket SN-Textile


  • Prompt delivery of products;
  • innovative design;
  • great prices.


  • Informative care instructions.


A well-known textile manufacturer that has been on the market for about ten years. The assortment includes not only blankets, but also pillows, blankets and bed linen.

The quality of the goods is high, only imported fillers and fabrics are used in the production. All products are certified according to European standards. New items regularly appear in the assortment.

For example, not so long ago a blanket with a silk filler appeared on sale at a fairly affordable price - 6 thousand rubles. In general, the cost of branded products is adequate, and the appearance is quite presentable.Sets are popular among buyers, which, in addition to blankets, also include bedding. The real color combinations of the sets correspond to the pictures in the catalog.

blanket Cleo


  • Constantly updated assortment;
  • solidity of the company;
  • pleasant appearance of products.


  • Sometimes the products presented in the catalog differ from the products received in reality.

Important points in choosing a blanket

Since the choice of a blanket is a responsible task, expert advice will come to the aid of buyers. For an accurate definition, it is worth considering in more detail the following points:

  • Possible dimensions of textiles;
  • the density of the filler.

The size of the blanket is the first parameter with which any buyer of textiles is initially determined. It is important that the size of the blanket matches the available bedding. Due to the variety of modern standard sizes, this cannot be avoided. The following are considered standard:

  • 110 * 140 cm - for children's textiles;
  • 142 * 205 cm - 1.5 sleeping textiles;
  • 172 * 205 cm - 2.0 sleeping textiles;
  • 200 * 220 cm - European standard;
  • 220 * 240 - Maxi Euro.

Most bedding and duvet manufacturers adhere to standards. Cheap models may have small deviations: plus or minus 2-3 cm. If the deviations are large, the textiles cannot be called high-quality, they are rather counterfeit products.

The dimensions are determined, it remains to deal with such a parameter as density. For blankets, it determines the amount of filler. The standard measurement is the square meter of the product.

A higher density indicates that the blanket is warm. However, it is not necessary to choose very dense products. Everything here is individual. Apartments have different heating features. For example, there are individual schemes or centralized ones. It can be hot or very cold at home. Some people wear different blankets depending on the season. There are many conventions and combinations, so manufacturers produce a variety of models. Classic density indicators can be as follows:

  • From 100 to 200 g / m2 - lightweight product;
  • from 300 g / m2 - all-season product;
  • from 400 g / m2 - winter blanket.

Blankets with the lowest density are suitable for the summer and for people living in warm apartments. Also, products are chosen by those who are hot all the time. An all-season, versatile product suitable for any situation. It is not cold under it in winter, and not hot in summer. Bamboo, eucalyptus, and other similar options are used as fillers for such blankets.

The winter blanket is usually wool, so it is very warm. The density of such products must be chosen based on your own preferences. POS salespeople are usually customer-oriented and sensitive to the expressed wishes. Therefore, they will definitely help with the right choice.

In case of particular uncertainty, it is worth paying attention to blankets of the middle price category. Products are created from mixed fillers that combine the performance of both materials. Products are usually lush and resilient, of the correct shape, while having a completely democratic cost. Blended fiber blankets are an excellent alternative to natural, expensive items that are rarely suitable for daily use.


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