Ethical cosmetics: a review of the best Russian brands


To provide better quality products, companies are testing cosmetics on animals. Nowadays, this technology is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and you can already find ethical cosmetics with appropriate labeling on the shelves of various stores.

Cosmetic testing

The testing of cosmetics on animals such as rabbits, rats, hamsters and other species is due to the availability and cheapness of experimental material. True, such tests do not show a complete picture of the effect of a particular agent on the human body, and sometimes the results are completely incorrect. To understand what effect one or another component will have, it is necessary to test it on a person, not an animal.

What is the alternative

In vitro tests

Such tests make it possible to study the effect of funds at the cellular level. In this case, tests should be carried out on cells grown and retaining their functionality outside the body. Cellular technologies may include cultivation of:

  • animal cells;
  • plant cells.

All research cell transplant operations should be performed in laminar flow hoods. In addition, the culture medium must provide all external necessary conditions that the cells could have. Sometimes this requires multi-component nutrient media. This method of study will determine the effect of drugs and cosmetic components at the cellular level. This method of research is also recognized as the most budgetary.

Growing artificial skin

This technology provides the ability to test on different types of human skin. To do such a test, you need to take a puncture from a healthy person, after which you can start growing epithelial tissue. In a scientific laboratory, you can recreate any type of skin, which makes it possible to study the reaction of the human body to a particular cosmetic product.

PC simulation

The response to various stimuli can be determined with high accuracy using computer simulation. Computer codes make it possible to reproduce in detail the conditions and reactions inherent in the immune system. Therefore, with this approach, there is no need to use experimental animals.

Tests conducted on volunteers make it possible to check finished products and their effects on the human body under the supervision of specialists. Usually, participants in such an experiment are paid for their enthusiasm, and they are also subject to compulsory insurance. Moreover, on the basis of various clinics, tests are carried out on volunteers with various types of diseases.These include seborrhea, baldness, atopic dermatitis, and other types of diseases.

How ethical cosmetics stand

To select ethical cosmetics, you need to carefully examine the packaging. Such products are usually marked with the appropriate sign. A rabbit in a circle with the inscription "Not tested for animals" will indicate that this product has not been tested on animals, and the inscription with the "V" sign - there are no components of animal origin in the product.

Ethical cosmetics are not always natural or organic, as the latter may contain elements of animal origin. Vegan cosmetics do not contain ingredients of this type and are not tested on furry test subjects, but may contain chemical ingredients.

Components of animal origin

In decorative cosmetics, you can find the following components of animal origin:

  • Keratin;
  • Mucin;
  • Lanolin;
  • Silk;
  • Chitin;
  • Beeswax;
  • Carmine;
  • Glycerol;
  • Cochineal;
  • Retinol;
  • Hiozan;
  • Cholesterol;
  • Baked milk;
  • Cysteine;
  • Guanine;
  • Fibrostimulin;
  • Mother's milk;
  • Propolis;
  • Elastin.

Some of these ingredients can be of animal or non-animal origin.

Requirements for ethical vegan cosmetics

There are many more requirements for cosmetic products for vegans. These include:

  • The composition of cosmetics should not contain components of animal origin. Even ingredients such as gelatin, honey, keratitis or caviar are not permitted.
  • Lack of GMOs.
  • Cosmetics should not be tested on animals.
  • Availability of appropriate certificates of environmental friendliness and product ethics.
  • The packaging must be labeled "Vegan".

A truly vegan product is a huge rarity and a treasured find.

The best Russian manufacturers of ethical cosmetics

Among the domestic manufacturers of ethical cosmetics, there are several of the best companies. They are on the white list of the RETA website.


This company produces hypoallergenic cosmetics, which contain medicinal plants, water and gifts of nature. This company has a huge assortment:

  • Shampoos;
  • Creams;
  • Massage oils;
  • Air conditioners;
  • Scrubs and other cosmetics.

Such cosmetics are not tested on animals, do not contain GMOs and animal components. The cost of soap from this company can be from 150 rubles, washing gels - from 350 rubles, face care serum - from 400 rubles, and face masks from 250 rubles.


  • Natural composition;
  • Only plant-based ingredients;
  • Low cost
  • Nice design;
  • Does not contain petroleum products;
  • Products are certified;
  • There is no GMO, components of animal origin;
  • The product is completely safe and hypoallergenic.


  • Honey lip balm contains beeswax and honey;
  • Not suitable for everyone;
  • Wasteful expense;
  • It's bad to foam.


The cosmetic products of this domestic company contain only natural ingredients. The cost of cleansers will be from 245 rubles, face masks - from 60 rubles, desiccants and deodorants - from 220 rubles, scrubs - from 620 rubles, and conditioners and balms from 410 rubles.



  • Not tested on animals;
  • Long shelf life;
  • Natural composition;
  • Does not contain ingredients of animal origin;
  • The smell is completely absent or there is a slight aroma;
  • Without GMO.


  • Masks can tighten the skin;
  • Some products do not have a dispenser;
  • High price;
  • Not effective for blackheads;
  • May cause allergies;
  • Low indicators of product performance.


The company is engaged in the manufacture of natural-based cosmetic oils. The cost of this manufacturer's products can vary significantly in different stores, but the minimum is considered to be from 35 rubles per package.



  • The products do not contain components of animal origin;
  • Animal testing is not performed;
  • Affordable cost.


  • Inconvenience when dispensing;
  • Outdated packaging;
  • Not suitable for everyone.

Russian cosmetics

This domestic manufacturer produces shampoos, lotions, scrubs, and natural-based creams. A bottle of shampoo of this brand will cost from 56 rubles, a cream-scrub - from 40 rubles, and a lotion from 50 rubles. In general, all products are relatively cheap. Despite the assurances of the naturalness of the product, there is quite a lot of chemistry in it, which will suit few.

cream Russian cosmetics


  • Natural ingredients;
  • Lack of GMOs;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Not tested on animals;
  • Shampoo perfectly cleanses hair;
  • Nice smell;
  • There are no components of animal origin;
  • Does not cause allergies.


  • The shampoo must be purchased together with the balm;
  • Simplicity of packaging, not modern look;
  • It contains not only natural ingredients;
  • Hand cream is not always well absorbed into the skin;
  • Not everyone likes the smell;
  • Not suitable for everyone.

The company "Russian Cosmetics" is a manufacturer of the cosmetic lines "Red Line", "Babushkina Apteka", "Azbuka Chistoty", "Batiste", "Fara", "Trisa" and "Viking".

EFTI Cosmetics

This organization has been manufacturing perfumery and cosmetic products for over 15 years. Her cosmetics contain only safe and effective ingredients. The price for soap from this manufacturer will be from 320 rubles, for a vitamin depilatory cream - from 132 rubles, for shampoo - from 137 rubles, and the gel will cost from 61 rubles.

EFTI Cosmetics


  • Not tested on animals;
  • Without GMO;
  • Affordable price;
  • Interesting packaging;
  • There are no components of animal origin;
  • Many of the products are equipped with dispensers;
  • Shampoo adds volume and shine to hair;
  • Lack of a sharp unpleasant odor;
  • Suitable for a gift in the form of a small presentation.


  • Many users note that the shampoo has to be applied several times to obtain the appropriate effect;
  • Not everyone likes the smell;
  • The hair care product has an inconvenient tube, but this does not affect the quality of the product;
  • There are many unsafe ingredients in shower gel.

Some packages from this company have a confusion with barcodes.

Organic shop

This manufacturer does not use products containing:

  • Mineral oils;
  • Parabens;
  • GMO;
  • Formaldehyde;
  • Silicones and many other components.

The composition of the manufactured products contains only natural elements that cannot harm the human body. The cost of face masks can be from 80 rubles, massage oil - from 89 rubles, shampoo - from 103 rubles, and cream perfume - from 108 rubles.

Organic Shop cream


  • Natural base and components included in it;
  • Large assortment of products;
  • Pleasant aromas;
  • Beautiful packaging and great design;
  • Affordable price;
  • There is no GMO;
  • Efficiency;
  • No animal ingredients;
  • In most cases, it does not cause allergies;
  • Not tested on animals;
  • Large container volume.


  • Some of the components that make up cosmetics can cause allergies;
  • Dyes are present;
  • Not always convenient packaging;
  • Not suitable for everyone;
  • Soap from this manufacturer is inconvenient to take out of the package;
  • The face, after applying the mask, may slightly acquire a reddish tint, which disappears within a couple of hours;
  • There are few points of sale where you can buy cosmetics from this manufacturer;
  • Mousse can be poorly absorbed into the skin, so you need to carefully select the type of such a cosmetic product.


The cosmetics of this manufacturer are made by hand, which affects its cost. It is created from ingredients that are sustainable for humans. Cosmetics are selected individually for the needs of the client.The average cost of anti-stress oil will be from 365 rubles, regenerating face cream - 375 rubles, perfumed body cream - 350 rubles, and face powder can be purchased from 345 rubles.

EcoVego cream


  • Safety and naturalness of ingredients;
  • Cosmetics are not tested on animals;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • There are no harmful additives;
  • There are no components of animal origin;
  • Lots of cosmetics for children.


  • The high cost of cosmetics;
  • Few points of sale of similar products.


This new brand has already gained immense popularity among many consumers. The natural composition and excellent performance after using the cosmetics of these products are simply amazing. The cost of cosmetics from such a manufacturer is available to every buyer. It varies from 131 rubles to 2500 rubles.

LookyLook cosmetics


  • Naturalness of ingredients;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Safety;
  • Lack of GMOs;
  • Great aroma;
  • No components of animal origin;
  • Not tested on animals;
  • Affordable cost.


  • Some products have poor packaging;
  • May not be suitable due to individual intolerance to the components,


With this name, the brand has existed since 2018; earlier, fans of natural cosmetics knew the products under the Makosh logo. The production has been operating since 2014.

COSMAVERA concept: Space in everything: in you, in cosmetics, in the world around you.

In the manufacture of its products, the company uses ingredients, the bulk of which either have organic quality certificates or are in full compliance with them. Perfectly selected recipes, pleasant aromas and natural colors add to the effectiveness of the products. Do not forget that the principle of environmental friendliness is preserved in the manufacture of packaging.

The assortment of the company is:

  • body products (natural soaps, shower gels, scrubbing compounds, bath products, body cream and milk, deodorants and solid perfumes);
  • face cosmetics (tonics, creams, washes, serums, decorative cosmetics);
  • hair care (shampoos, balms, masks).
Multi-stick for makeup

The company also produces hydrolates and eco-friendly bags.

The price for a face cream is from 875 rubles.



  • Wide range of products;
  • Application of organic ingredients;
  • Wide price range;
  • You can choose cosmetics for a specific type of skin or hair.


  • Individual funds can hardly be called budgetary.

Spivak Soap company

This name stuck with the brand due to the fact that its history began with the production of soap. The soap, which is created by hand in the company, is produced only from natural ingredients in a cold way, without the addition of animal fats.

Interesting! When using the cold method of making soap, the beneficial properties of oils used in soap making are preserved to the greatest extent.

Today, in addition to soaps under the Spivak brand, massage and hydrophilic tiles, lip balms, foams and jams for cleansing the skin, hydrophilic oil, scrubs and much more are produced. There are also essential oils in the range.

The lines offered by the company are household non-chemicals, children's, men's, hair, lip care, face skin care, body care, hand care, etc.

The price of face cream oil is from 175 rubles.

Spivak Soap company


  • Natural composition while maintaining a democratic price;
  • The product contains no surfactants, fragrances or preservatives;
  • The flavors used to create products are of natural origin;
  • There is a separate series for children;
  • The widest range
  • Animal testing is not performed.


  • Not identified.

Olesya Mustaeva's workshop

Under this brand, natural natural cosmetics are created, positioned as an affordable and no less effective alternative to foreign manufacturers that create really working products.

The company's line includes:

  • Body care products, including hand, foot and body creams, shaving bars, scrubbers and intimate cosmetics;
  • Facial care products are creams and compositions for washing, lip balms;
  • Hair cosmetics, which include shampoos, including concentrates, balms, masks, waxes;
  • Natural oils, among which there are base unrefined, organic, 100% natural;
  • Soap;
  • Household cleaning products.

Among the most popular are shampoos-concentrates, which cost 390 rubles.

Olesya Mustaeva's workshop


  • A wide range of;
  • Natural composition;
  • Affordable prices for most products.


  • Stricter storage requirements apply to products with natural ingredients.


Russian family company, operating since 2008. The trend towards naturalness and environmental friendliness can be traced at all stages of creation. So, for example, the plant materials used in the composition are monitored for their origin, and the glass bottles in which the funds are placed are reused, thereby not polluting the environment.

Among the ingredients used are plant extracts grown in ecologically attractive regions of Russia, essential oils selected by French specialists, olive oil from a family farm in Italy, hand-pressed shea butter.

The assortment of the company includes series for face, body, hair, men's cosmetics, children's products, oils.

If we talk about prices, then a face cream will cost from 380 rubles for 30 ml, and shampoo - from 490 rubles for 200 ml.

MI&KO cream


  • Cosmetics are not tested on animals, but in vitro methods are used;
  • MSU specialists, consultants from France are involved in the development of the recipe;
  • Wide range of products;
  • There is a series for children.


  • The products are not certified according to the eco-certificate;
  • Not all products are affordable.


Admirers of vegan cosmetics, and it is these products that the company produces, the brand has been known since 2013. The production is organized in St. Petersburg.

The main ingredients are of plant origin, no refined petroleum products and animal ingredients are used. A distinctive feature is a short shelf life, this is a consequence of the use of natural preservatives.

What is included in the product range: body scrubs, face and body creams, lip balms, mixes and bath milk, hair masks, ubtan, soaps.

Laboratorium cream


  • Organic composition;
  • Natural preservatives;
  • Not tested on animals.


  • Not too wide range in comparison with competitors;
  • Short product shelf life.


The brand appeared in 2013. His task was to create high-quality and affordable cosmetics, which will contain only natural ingredients (at least 99%). And the formulas are based on the most advanced scientific achievements. The main components are of plant origin, herbs and extracts are produced from ecologically clean regions of the Volga and Crimea.

The brand's assortment includes products for the face and body, in particular for hands and feet, as well as a hair care line.

As for the price, for example, you will have to pay 250 rubles for a cream with hyaluronic acid.

OrganicZone cream


  • No SLS, SLES, silicones or mineral oils found in the ingredients;
  • Developers do not conduct animal testing;
  • Acceptable prices;
  • A wide range for different skin types.


  • Not detected.


The creative workshop creates cosmetics only on the basis of natural ingredients of plant origin. There is no streaming production, each tool is a result of manual work.

They do not use preservatives, all products can be used for children.

Products on offer include shampoos, creams, tonics, lip balms and massage oils.

The cost of cosmetics is available, for example, Bereginya cream for dry skin will cost 350 rubles for 50 ml. jar.

Milorad shampoo


  • Exclusively natural composition;
  • Suitable for children;
  • Acceptable prices.


  • The range of goods is not very wide.

How to choose the right cosmetics

Many companies put on their products the badges of ethics and veganism, which are not backed up by certificates, so you need to be especially careful when choosing such products. Ethical marks can be used in a number of such cases:

  • Unknowingly;
  • If you lose the right to a certificate, there is a reluctance to remove the icon;
  • Deliberately misleading consumers.

To avoid such fraud on the part of manufacturers, you need to carefully study the certificates, and the legality of obtaining them can be verified on special sites. In the absence of a company in the lists of certified manufacturers, you must make sure that the company is not blacklisted. Manufacturers can be checked on the PETA website.

Even if there is a company in the list of certified manufacturers, you should not rejoice ahead of time. Certificates can be issued for one or a couple of positions. This does not mean the presence of certificates for all products.

What documents need to be requested from the manufacturer

Category 1 certification implies verification by animal welfare organizations. Each of these institutions has its own rules and restrictions on obtaining their distinctive badge. The manufacturer's activities are monitored on the territory of their country. Organizations of this type do not monitor each other's activities. So one and the same company can be certified by one of the auditing organizations and be blacklisted by another.

The second category is ecolabels. If the manufacturer's products meet all the norms of natural composition, then such a badge is quite simple to get.

When a manufacturer is engaged in the manufacture and sale of household chemicals, the latter is in any case tested on animals. Ethical household chemicals can only be purchased in foreign online stores.

In addition, you need to check if the company's products are supplied in China. To clarify this issue, you need to visit the site, where the countries with which trade is carried out will be indicated in a special tab. Delivery of products to China requires animal testing.


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